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Last week J and I stopped in a thrift store before dance.  I love going into thrift stores and a lot of the girls clothing is from a thrift store simply because it’s more economical.  Where else can you find name brand clothing for $4.00!!

Anyway, – we stopped briefly – and I didn’t find any thing to wear but I did make a decent find with some other items – A bag of zippers! A water bottle, a vintage math flash card set and a shower curtain  –

I would show you the picture, but I seem to have inadvertently deleted it  – very frustrating. The water bottle was a Nalgene water bottle. These are $10 at a big box store and I paid $2.00 for it – score! We have about 5 of them now and I fill each and every one of them up for working summer camps. It can hit 100* + here in the midwest and we need all the hydration we can get!  I did a happy dance over the bag of zippers! So many bright colors – I’m going to put them to use making zipper pouches with some of that gorgeous fabric I bought on my trip to Minneapolis from the Crafty Planet fabric store… Have I shown you that fabric? Oh dear! I will have to take pictures and show you!

The girls had their friends over this weekend. The girls who live 3 hours away. They had a great time, short and sweet. Rowan is an introvert and as much as she loves her best friend, I know that too long a visit and she starts to feel overwhelmed and tired. I do too.. J, however, can go for weeks and other than the “we can’t find anything to play”, their time together goes fairly smoothly – just fairly – we’ve certainly had our moments.

We held J’s “official” friend party on Friday – A few friends, homemade pizza, fresh fruit. What more could you ask for? (sorry this picture seems to be missing also). Saturday was the mall. Funny – we only seem to really go to the mall when these girls are here 🙂 Oh well. That’s what they wanted to do so that’s what we did.

Today is Monday – another beginning of a week of school, barn work, dance lessons, riding lessons and school.  It’s almost May and in 4? short weeks Camps start at our barn! I can’t believe how the time flies. Rowan is saving up to buy another horse and Jaia wants Saige – the American Girl.

Me? I would love a week off 🙂

Bright Blessings and Happy Monday!




Rowan making dinner.

Bright Blessings!

With my husband traveling more and more often because of work – we try to make the most of the weekends we are all together.  He doesn’t travel constantly, thank goodness, but we have  had months where he’s gone almost 3 weeks out of 4. NOT many by any means and I am SO glad my girls are older. This would not work if they were toddlers!!

This past weekend we went to a Food Truck Festival.  Food trucks are relatively new here in St. Louis I believe  – so we’ve actually NOT seen a food truck on the streets!  We also don’t work anywhere there would actually be a food truck so I’m  assuming that’s why we don’t see many of them  LOL!



Clothes truck.


Totally Fantastic cupcakes – Try the “drunken pig”.



Grilled cheese, quesadillas etc..





We had some pretty delicious food. Tacos – beef and chicken, southwestern chicken quesadilla, Rowan had a what I would call a shrimp po boy. We tried a  shredded beef sandwich, some sort of deep fried  rice ball with sausage – Gumbo ball.  There were a few trucks we didn’t get to – there were maybe 8 trucks and we tried food from 5 of them??  The greek truck, unfortunately did not have falafel and I DO love a good falafel!   We all picked something to try and then sat and shared. We had a wonderful, laid back afternoon 🙂

Bright Blessings!

This weekend we were to have the girls family birthday parties. We haven’t done a family party in years – choosing instead to have a large friend party. Family of course is always welcome to attend these, but, you know, MY family doesn’t want to, doesn’t like to and won’t.

All went well for the Saturday party – burgers, hotdogs, wings, chips, fruit, and I even bought soda. Which I rarely do  – except when it’s to mix with rum of course. By the end of the day J was complaining of a sore throat and stuffy nose. She went to bed with a head cold and woke up feeling worse. SO the Sunday party for my in-laws was cancelled – Oh well.. We’ll do it again.  So instead of smashed chicken we had homemade pizza instead. –



Prosciutto, pine-apple, jalepeno, and spinach on the parents.



Pepperoni and spinach for the girls.

Yes -I do put spinach in almost everything!

Today we are back to school after our home school spring break – and off to the barn this afternoon –

Bright Blessings!

So much has been going on here!  Here are a few pictures from the past couple of months just highlighting it all!











Bright Blessings!

I hope that spring and warmth are returning to your neck of the woods!!