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Pictures of the water bottle holders. These were a bit more challenging for me than I expected. Although it’s entirely my fault – I tend to try things differently, or leave steps out altogether –  to make them easier – but then have to go back and do it over correctly. BUT, after  I ripped several seams out and serged where I was supposed to – then it all turned out fantastically. I think I had the insul-brite a bit to far down so it made attaching the bottom to the body a tad difficult – but I managed. I had also used up-cycled denim for the inside. Then next ones I will make will have the same material for both the inside and outside. My girls loved them!

I realize that I don’t have any finished project pictures!  I’ll make sure to have some for next time!


So busy the last two weeks were! And no pictures to show for it. Oh well – I will get better as time goes on.  Two weeks of camp are down – Four more weeks to go. So glad that there are breaks planned after each two weeks of camp. I would be dead. It’s been so hot and muggy here in Mo and IL that you break into a sweat minutes after going out the door! It’s horrible.

I have 4 glorious days of sewing planned! Several things for camp that I want to get done. These nifty water bottle holders:

And these neck cooler wraps:

(I hope I can post these links – I’m new to the blogging world and I have a feeling I’ll be learning through trail and error. Please let me know if I can’t post these and I’ll remove them asap)

I need to a bit of tidying in my craft area before I get busy and sew today. Well really it’s a large table in the basement but it works for me. It’s in the middle of the kids play area  – Really though at ages 7 and 12, I see the play area slowly being used less and less. Maybe it’s time to take it completely over? It makes me sad and nostalgic though, to see my girls growing up.  Wish I could hold on to that smallness, that imaginary playfullness forever.

Pictures of projects to come!