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But not for me. I’ve been working on J’s dress, from the vintage 1950’s?? pattern I found in a vintage shoppe.

What a pain – but oh so cute!

Here’s the pattern – I made the middle one 🙂  Although they all use the exact same pieces. The only difference is the way they do the collar.  This pattern came in one size – 8. Perfect for my munchkin  – Seam allowance was 3/4 inch which I never do so it’s probably going to end up a bit big.

Pattern pieces all laid out.

Pieces all cut out and ready to go!



Front + back with the yoke. The yoke wasn’t lined or anything. You’re just supposed to turn and topstitch –  It ended up looking beautiful!  But if I make this dress again I’ll certainly line it or something.  It will make the yoke sturdier. I had to reinforce the back where I put the elastic for the buttons, so lining it would certainly help.

Sleeves in!  Well one sleeve anyway!  I made the  3/4 sleeves rather than short and I just didn’t like the long style.

Pinning the waistband to the top.

Top complete!  The left side as you look at the picture, I left open for the zipper. I hate zippers!  I have the hardest time putting them in garments.

Here I was trying to pin the zipper. The top and skirt are sewn together (sorry!  no pictures of that).  It didn’t help that the zipper was too short. I’d left the opening way to big for this zipper. Luckily we had to make a dash to JoAnn’s Fabrics anyway for halloween supplies. I just picked up a longer, black zipper – although J was happy with the red one.

Black zipper pinned in!  Finally. Took me at least 20 minutes to get this zipper positioned.  Zippers are NOT my favorite. I’d much prefer to put buttons in but the dress was not adjusted for those and I didn’t have a lot of time  to play around with the pattern.  I did remember the glue trick – where you use the glue stick to hold the  zipper in place until you sew it in.  I pinned my also since I had to carry the dress to the basement where my sewing area is.

Final pictures later on!  J’s actually planning on wearing this dress for Halloween as a Witch. I also threw together an apron for her to wear  – and along with some purple stripy socks and the Witch hat, she’s all ready to go!

Bright Blessings!




Friday we went pumpkin picking.  We go to an actual pumpkin patch where you can walk out into the field and pick pumpkins off the ground..  They’d all been cut from the vine but they’re really hard to pull off the vine so it’s a good thing they’re pre-cut..

R scoping out her pumpkin. She found hers right away! Then was done and helped her sister find the perfect pumpkin.

J looking. She had 4 different pumpkins in the wagon before she settled on the perfect pumpkin!

J’s perfect pumpkin!

Our pumpkin haul – one for each of  the members of our family. I did draw the line at buying pumpkins for each of the dogs AND the horse 🙂  That big one – that’s R’s .  Last year dad had the biggest, mine was next, then R’s then J’s .  The girls insisted on it – funny girls.

Cute little baby pig at the farm.  It’s not really a farm though – they have some chickens, rabbits and this cutie. And pumpkins. And of course they’ve commercialized with a HUGE play ground for the kids to play on.

And later in the week – I tackle this pattern!  I may or may not be sane when I’m finished!

Bright Blessings!

We spend Mondays and Wednesdays at the barn where we board our horse Jonah  –  Avalon Horse Farm. It’s become home away from home really. The girls could spend ALL their time here – heedless of  chores waiting at home or school work that needs to be accomplished. Here is where they come alive – where they can disappear on the 75 acres and roam and play. (of course there ARE some rules – no climbing on fencing or machinery – no playing in pastures where there are horses currently )  Here they wander and play and when  I don’t see them for a while –  and I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY – I know they’ll pop back to check in or to eat or to use the bathroom. Here they can be free range kids. They know the rules and the consequences for breaking those rules.  There’s a maturity that comes with being around horses and I know that I can trust my girls.

Here are some pictures. Yesterday was dreary and wet so I’ll also have to take pictures when it’s sunny.

Pasture G – “boys” herd.

Driveway leading off the farm.  All of the fencing you see is part of Avalon.

Outdoor riding arena and in the distance – pasture A.


J’s riding lesson. Sorry it’s blurry!  It’s hard to take a good picture of  a moving pony.  He is not ours though,  his name is Paco.

J on Karoly – former circus horse.

And last for today  – R after taking our horse to his pasture and watching J’s lesson.

Bright Blessings.


Over the weekend while the girls were away playing and hubbie was away playing, I played too.  I hit a couple of thrift stores around town and a few on the way to our friends house as I was dropping off my girls.

I found….

A tablecloth. I absolutely LOVE vintage table clothes. I have several.  In fact, they’re the only ones I use except for a few I bought new years ago.

Here it is on my table. It’s not ironed – sorry 🙂

I found these cute little “snack” plates with a spot for the tea mug.  The girls immediately started using these..  They are just the right size for cookies and milk, or a sandwich and tea..  I bought all four at $2.50 each set. Just in case J has some friends over and they have each want to have their own plate to use.

A thread box!

That came with thread!!  Right now all my thread is on a knick knack shelf that’s just sitting on my sewing table. The spools are constantly getting knocked off and jumbled. Maybe this will help me keep them in order. Fun isn’t it?

I also found some Halloween decorations – nesting containers –  and finally I found a trunk/foot locker for my daughter’s tack at the barn!

Today is Wednesday so we’re off to the barn!  Enjoy!

Bright Blessings..


So my weekend was lovely!  My girls were at a friends house for the weekend and my husband was also out of town – I had the whole weekend and HOUSE to myself.  What did I do you ask? Well – I did not do housework! Well maybe I vacuumed the carpet since we have 2 dogs and I couldn’t SEE the carpet.  And maybe I folded the laundry that had been on the loveseat for days! But other than that I did nothing (well maybe cleaned the sink and loaded the dishwasher!)  – but honestly, nothing like my usual load of house hold chores that I do daily..  I figured – the rest of my family is out having fun so why should I stay home and do house work?

I hit some thrift stores, some antique-y stores and I did nothing!  I had sushi for dinner, bought breakfast and watched movies. I enjoyed wine with my dinner and read my book. I found the Halloween box and put up some decorations.  I did wash fabric, I had planned on starting J’s vintage dress but for the life of me I cannot find the pattern now!  I seriously think we have a ghost that moves things. And I felted some sweaters in the washing machine. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until after I’d dried them that they were not 100% wool. Oh well – they should still work .

(Hopefully I’ll find the pattern soon – I really cannot wait to get started on it.)

Anyway – I finally got Owlivia stuffed!

I just used the stuffing I had on hand.

Ears are stuffed.

Stuffed!  Now all I have to do is stitch the bottom, package her up and send her on her way! I may or may not have to go buy ink for the printer first…….

I’ll post pictures of my thrift store finds tomorrow – should I start a Thrifty finds Tuesday?

Bright Blessings!

Well – I decided to go ahead and hand stitch my little owl friend, instead of digging out my sewing machine. I could sit and sew while the girls were completing their school work.  Took me about 1o minutes.

Cute!  I really like her 🙂 Just a green blanket stitch around her – Now,  I just need to stuff her and send her off  – she’ll be placed in a park for someone to find her and enjoy her.

Other things we’re doing today:

Science Experiments!

And now off to get that hair cut 🙂

Bright Blessings!

So I found my camera – I had left it at Avalon – Of course, along with my books, sweatshirt and R’s shoes.  We kind of rushed out of there without checking for things several times.  J was not feeling well and gradually feeling yucky-er by the minute – so we left in a hurry to come home. Nothing big – just a cold – you know how you feel OKAY in the morning and then you’re dragging by dinner time?  Well – that was J.  Felt good enough in the morning  to go to the barn, wanted to have her riding  lesson, but by 5:30 – she was done!  Came home and  relaxed on the couch.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at home – R caught up with her school work. We’d been waiting for the science book we needed to arrive at the library. J did some school work – science – but I didn’t push the rest. She needed a down day.  So instead we made Play-doh!

We used a recipe I found on Instructables.  We definitely did not cook it long enough! and it came out sticky, sticky, sticky!

Cooking the doh.

Letting it cool and adding the blue food coloring. Really – that’s all we had and I only buy it for crafts.

Blue doh – Yes that is a winter table cloth!  It’s now our craft table cloth since it has several holes in it.  Covers my table and keeps it nice-ish..

Practicing Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs.

And J beating the rug.  We have a rug beater which she used. Totally fun to watch!

Today we’re having school –  I think we’re skipping dance this evening since J is still feeling punky – poor girl. She gets colds quicker than the rest of us it seems – I attribute it to her being such a micro preemie when she was born. 13 weeks early.   Maybe I’ll go to the fabric/craft store – I want to get clay to make “real” cuneiform tablets and some fabric to make J a dress.  I’ll show you the pattern next week!  It’s a vintage girls dress – I found it at an antique/thrift shop here  locally.  I can’t wait to get sewing!~

More on the owl next week!

Bright Blessings –

Well – nothing new going on here – we batik-ed yesterday. I wish I had pictures to show you but I’ve seem to have misplaced my camera!   I hope I left it at the barn – I was taking pictures Monday there of the obstacle course set up for the horses.

I worked on my owl a bit yesterday – I actually ripped out the seam   –  I think I’m going to sew the outer seam with the sewing machine to make it sturdier and then hand stitch over it.  I’m almost finished with her!  Hopefully next week I’ll make my first “drop”.. So much fun!

Anyway – I have so many projects planned out – when I find my camera I’ll be back to updating more often!

Bright Blessings!

So sorry I’ve not been doing a very good job keeping up here!!  My hubbie started his new job, we went to R’s “first” horse show on her very own horse. We went to our first mounted (meaning on horseback) Pony Club meeting.  And I ended up getting ill there for a day in the midst of all that.  I think it was a slight case of food poisoning after eating smoked salmon. Neither of the girls have gotten sick at all and I was the only one who ate the salmon – oh well.

I’ve not been able to squeeze in time for finishing up  my owl doll for the Toy Society and I have one other project I’m working for for a local reenactment group we’re members of ..oh..  Goodness!!  So guess what I’ll be doing these next 3 evenings while my hubbie is  out of town!  And I also want to make J a new dress and we have to come up with costumes for horses!  Yes – horses. Each year Avalon Horse Farm does a Anniversary/Halloween party and there’s a parade of horses in costume.  Last year J won 1st place for being Amelia Earhart and the pony was an airplane 🙂  and R was a zookeeper and her pony was a giraffe.  Really, really hard to paint giraffe markings on a pony!

Here are some pictures of  horse activities – sorry it’s all I have!

Jonah looking out from the trailer window.

R looked awesome!  She’s a talented rider – but nervous on Jonah.  She didn’t place (get a ribbon) since she was off  the first class and she actually fell off!! during her jumping class. It didn’t help that her aunt, who taught her how to ride, was there for moral support (yes that’s a good thing)  – but her moral support was all of – Just be glad you’re not the only one who fell off!  This was after the first equitation class before the jumping class. I know – it’s all so confusing and I’m really just learning as I go along. Anyway  – I really think the comment didn’t help her nerves and then she went into the jumping class telling hersefl “just don’t fall off”  – you know how your brain works.. Tell it something NOT to do and usually that’s all you  can think about.

Well – R was okay, her pride bruised more than anything and she got right back on a jumped Jonah in the practice arena with no problem!  But now she’s nervous on Jonah which is not a good thing. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice.

R on Jonah.

Hopefully I’ll get to work on my little owl tonight!

Bright Blessings!