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So my 13 year old received a Nook for christmas from her Grandmother,  but no cover.  The child reads constantly – really – sometimes I have whole conversations with myself because she’s so absorbed in her books. I absolutely love the fact that she’s such a reader.. Well…. until I have conversations with her in which she agrees to do a chore that then she has no recollection of – Silly girl..

Since the covers themselves are not cheap either I decided to make her a Nook Cosy –

First I figured out the size – width and length.

Sewed around the edges, turned it right side out.

I ironed it and then sewed a pocket and flap – I was going to add Velcro to close it but she wants a button instead.  – Easy Peasy.  It turned out cute and gives her some protection when she tosses the reader into her bag.

Our christmas/Yule was wonderful – each girl got exactly what they wanted, and on several occasions I over heard one or both of them saying that this was “the best christmas ever”. Makes a momma happy, that does. Just the right amount of gifts – Something they want – okay really somethingsss  they want – something they need – something momma makes and something to read.

Here’s J and her new girl – Kaya.

We’re taking it easy the next couple of days – School will start for us again next week and our scheduling will calm down a bit. Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday!

Bright Blessings!


On Christmas Eve there was:

Last minute wrapping by big sis for little sis. Really – at 10:00.

The making of home made cinnamon rolls. (I use a cinnabon clone recipe)

Cookies and coffee! for Santa.  And packages for the 4 legged members of our family. Treats!

New stockings filled with goodies . Maybe this will become a new tradition. New stockings to match their pajama pants…  Well – maybe if I have an extra 1/2 an hour next year like I did this year..

Bright Blessings!

Just wanted to say “Thank You” to all who’ve visited my new blog!  I’ll be taking the rest of the week “off” and I’ll pop back after the Holidays!

Bright Blessings and Happy Holidays!


Yesterday, we – well  really, I – made cookies.

I made:

Chocolate Chip and

Snickerdoodles! I actually used to call these Snaps – which I like better 🙂

The recipes? The chocolate chip cookie recipe came from the back of a package of chocolate chips from Trader Joe’s and the Snickerdoodle recipe is from The Joy of Baking.  Saturday I’ll be making homemade cinnamon rolls using a cinnabon clone recipe.  Normally I don’t let the girls eat a ton of sugar – but at christmas/Yule…  We make exceptions.

Tomorrow is Yule! Anyone doing anything special?  Our barn is having a sunrise ride!  I’m so excited. Other than the fact that I have to get out of bet at 5:00 in the morning!

We’ll be having ground beef Wellington for dinner – a Jamie Oliver recipe – My girls absolutely love it!  Grass fed beef wrapped in puff pastry.  Probably mashed potatoes and roasted root veggies too.

Friday and Saturday, besides baking and cleaning, I’ll be putting finishing touches on presents. I have to re-sew a button hole and then sew on 10 buttons 😦  ugg.. Oh well. I’ll take pictures when I’m finished. I’m not happy with how the dress turned out, but it could be that she chose flannel for the dress. Maybe I’ll talk hubbie into taking the girls to a movie or something. Get them out of the house for a bit so I can have some quite to finish.   Then wrapping, wrapping, wrapping! I wait until christmas eve to put out all the presents – more fun that way!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Bright Blessings

Well, over the weekend we each took turns feeling punky. Sore throat, low fever, tired, tired, tired. Seems though we’re all past that though!  Thank goodness.  Must have been mother nature’s way of just saying – slow down for a bit – .

While we were all moving at a slower pace I got to work on some yule/christmas presents.

Dress for R.

I made my grocery list and went grocery shopping.

I plan for two weeks at a time and try to get all the grocery shopping done at once. I try to hit the health food store for meats  – that way I know they’re hormone free and treated nicer (hopefully). And then I hit the other store for all the organic veggies and fruits etc..  That way we spend less money in the long run because there’s no running up to the closer grocery store “just to pick up”…. and then coming home with things we don’t need and spending way too much money!  You know how that goes.  I’m in a rut though – we’ve been cycling through the same menu ideas for weeks and I’m getting burned out on some of the recipes!

J and I had to escape the house for a bit on Friday and went to the Children’s Magic House..  The special exhibit was about The Magic Tree House books.

J got to drive a horse and wagon.

She got to inspect a Civil War field hospital.

Visit a one room school house.

In another part of the Magic House – Grandma’s Attic. My favorite part. Can you imagine having a Grandma’s attic full of steamer trunks to explore!  I wish!

In  yet another part of the Magic House – The future president of the United States – in training!!

And last but not least – J cooking in the kitchen  – see the lovely table she set?

There is so much more at the Magic house!  A store, bank, library..  We’ll have to go back again!

Bright Blessings.

With the girls busy cutting, ironing and painting their stencils, I got busy working on one of my own.

I absolutely love this image!  I traced it off of a purse that I found years ago at a thrift store. It was my favorite purse of all time – still is really, but it’s dirty on the inside and ripping. So it sits now in my closet. But!! I’ve found a way to recreate the picture. First I carefully traced it onto tracing paper, then transferred it to the freezer paper.

I cut it out –

And ironed it to the bag I’m going to use. I’ll paint it later on when I’m not so frazzled with holiday present making.


My husband’s new job entails more traveling than his last.  This week he’s gone until Thursday so last night the girls and I had a picnic on the floor while playing Whoville-opolly. Love this game!  Instead of playing an extended game – both girls wanted short and sweet – we set a time limit and the “winner” was the one who had the most properties. Well – J had the most money – fewest properties.  Between R and I – we tied property wise and I had just $20 more than she.  It was really fun. Home made pizza  – pepperoni and spinach for the girls, spinach, red onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and jalepenos for me!  Lovely!

Then bedtime stories – The Tales of Desperaux.

Bright Blessings!

Oh – The past week has been so busy!   I’ve just not been feeling “perfect”. Not sick enough to stop doing anything – but just not up to par. Ever had one of those days or weeks?  But still – not feeling up to par has not kept me down. We still went to the barn and cleaned stalls and had lessons. We still went to dance. I checked out the spot where I’d left Owl-livia – she was gone!

I held my freezer paper stencil class for  those who signed up in our homeschooling group. Then we came home and did it again!

Here is R working on her bag she decided to make. She’s wearing the shirt she stenciled in the class too!  It really turned out neat!

J’s bag..

J’s finished bag!

R’s almost finished bag. Waiting for the paint to dry before removing the freezer paper.

We also set up our christmas tree.

Before. Yes – it’s plastic. I just cannot bring myself to cut down a live tree just for us to  prop it in a corner for 3 weeks to fulfill some need that everyone must have a live tree. Ours is recycled of course – second generation family.

After. I decided I needed to stop looking at all the decorating magazines. This is the first year I’ve not been content with our simple tree.  We need to make more ornaments! More lights!

I also cut out and sewed -mostly – one pair of girl pantaloons, 2 pair of 18 doll pantaloons, one teen size pair of jammie pants and for the first time ever I cut and sewed with knit jersey!  I still need to add the waistband and elastic to the pants, but I’ve definitely made a dent!!

Bright Blessings!


So J has that pair of pink pantaloons. She wants another  pair for Yule/christmas and I thought I’d make one white pair for her and then 2 more pairs for her dolls to match. One for Ruthie – whom she already has, and then one for the doll she’s going to get – Kaya.  So last night I set out to see if I could make a 2 piece pants pattern for the dolls, similar to J’s 2 piece pants pattern that I used.

I had a pattern where you cut two front and two back – so a four piece pattern…  I just traced the pattern, flipped the pattern and traced it against the first part of the pattern…

I trimmed the legs and then I compared..

Looking good! But not 100% content with how narrow I made the legs. But … I made the first pair..

Cute! Cute! Cute!

But then I realized that there is not enough room to fold over and put the elastic – and I was in no mood to make a waist band and add it to the pants before I put the elastic in. I wanted this to be simple. Easy Peasy.

So back to the drawing board where I added a good inch to the waist on the pattern and widened the legs just a smidge..

This pattern turned out so much better!  Good waist height for turning and putting in elastic. Leg size perfect – maybe I’ll make the next pair just slightly shorter – or put a piece of elastic in the legs also.

So then I made THIS pair of pants!

I cut and sewed.

I put in the elastic.


Finished!  Now to make two more pairs out of white for Ruthie and Kaya and one girl size pair!

Bright Blessings!

Well – I did it!  I dropped Owl-livia.  I ended up dropping her at the mall  where my daughter takes dance. Near to the play area.  The hardest part was dropping her with out any one knowing. But I did it!  I hope she goes to a fun, loving home.

Other things we did over the weekend:

J twirling in her pantaloons!

Stall decorating contest at Avalon!  This is J’s stall. Did it all by herself she did:)

J in front of her stall. See her outfit?  It was also the parade day. Which was canceled. Because of rain. At 12:00. After we’d gotten there and tacked up the horses. It was supposed to start at 12:00. So we paraded through the town on horses anyway. Sorry – no pics of that. It was raining after all and I didn’t want my camera to get wet.

R’s stall!  Gingerbread men jockeys!  13 for R and 11 for the horse – Jonah.  She spray painted and decorated them all on her own. I did help to make the gingerbread man shape – but she did the rest!

Bright Blessings!

Last night, frustrated with my girls bickering, I decided to go down and start some holiday projects.

Let’s take a look at these shall we?  One tree ornament I forgot to add the ribbon to hang it.  The second one, I remembered to add the ribbon – but look where I added it??  The third  green tree is actually correct!  I found the instructions on Joggles – their felt tree decorations. Except instead of wool felt I’m using recycled sweaters.

Anyway – after the 2 mess ups I gave up.  I decided to sew something I didn’t need to think about.

J’s bloomers – here the legs are cut out..

Sewn together!  And I didn’t mess up 🙂

Waist finished and with elastic.

Legs hemmed and with elastic.

And I will have to get a finished picture – J already has them on her body!  I’ll have to tie her down to get a picture (or sneak them off her body once she goes to bed) 🙂

Seriously – she loves ’em!

Bright Blessings!