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We had another crazy, busy weekend here – but that’s not surprising at all is it for us? At least the winter months will be calmer since both riding AND  dancing don’t have a lot going on through December or January.

Saturday R participated in a Pony Club mounted meeting covering some dressage but mostly riding and jumping outside. I was originally pretty leery about her riding outside since the past 2 horses she’s had have not been agreeable to cooperating outside and has caused some issues. But R did WONDERFULLY – she handled her little mare beautifully and I was so proud of her. I’ve nicknamed her mare Miss Prancy Pants since she could NOT stand still – well it took her about 1/2 hour to settle down but R just let her wander in circles and it all worked out.

SSPC pics - Dance pics 037

SSPC pics - Dance pics 039

Last weekend was J’s trunk or treat. I had found these little candy necklaces with skulls on them – one for R – and then each of J’s friends. R decided to turn hers into Day of the Dead treats. Food coloring and a paint brush – It turned out really neat looking –

SSPC pics - Dance pics 023

THIS Sunday was J’s dress rehearsal for the Oireachtas.  WHICH is coming up so much faster than I am ready for. The girls on the team I think are more than ready – they’ve got that dance down pat and are eager for it to be over. But I am so not ready for the drive, the early mornings, the crowds, the everything! If J and I go by ourselves then we are leaving on Thanksgiving after lunch and splitting the drive into 2 legs – – Just to make it easier on myself -whew I cannot believe that one month from today we will be in Grand Rapids!

Bright Blessings!


Wow! I cannot believe it’s been a month since my last post! And just when I’d made that mental promise to start blogging more regularly too – LOL – well life never does play itself out like it’s “supposed” to does it?

So many, many happenings these past 4 weeks. Two bouts of illnesses – This second one from which we are still recovering. This is totally unusual for us – we are never sick this often and not so early in the season either. It’s got me rethinking how we are eating .  Just a re-evaluation and maybe some, well A LOT, of menu changes. Gotta get that teen of mine into eating fruit again for breakfast, not so much bagels.

There have been feis’, shows, schoolwork (don’t get me started on that) and of course barn days (which are changing out of necessity), dental appointments and ceili practice. The never ending ceili practice.  Which will culminate on Thanksgiving weekend in a HUGE dance competition called the Oireachtas. CANNOT wait!

J is getting braces…Here is the first step to the whole 2 year process…. Getting the piece that moves her top teeth back so her canines can come in.

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 002

Feis –

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 010Her team got 2nd in their ceili dance. Just a trial run to get ready for the big “O”.

R went to homecoming.

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 022

She’s the gorgeous one in the black dress. Totally proud of her. She went by herself but ended up with the group of kids in our homeschooling group that she has classes with. Mainly because I am friends with some of the moms and we arranged pictures 🙂 She lasted 2 hours at the dance and then decided that the music sucked and it was too loud. I think 2 hours is pretty good for an introvert don’t you think?

School work for R has been – well – words cannot describe it. Let me just say that we’ve had to drop everything else so she could get caught up with British Literature and History. Including dropping a day stall cleaning at the barn. She has a love/hate relationship with this class – or maybe it was just Pride and Prejudice – the first book on the list.  Oh well – She DID pick the class and I refuse to let her quit. Sometimes you can’t just give up on something because you don’t like ONE aspect. A good life lesson.

We’ve never been able to start our teen/tween crafting day! UGGGG….. Maybe October will prove to be easier for us.

Until next time –

Bright Blessings