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Birthday week started here yesterday!  I certainly seems to span the whole week with J’s birthday being on the 5th and R’s birthday being on the 6th…. Totally not planned that way!  Just in case you were wondering. J was born 13 weeks premature – on her sister’s 5th birthday party day.. Can we say sibling rivalry??   But it’s all good now. We have a spunky, outgoing 8 year old full of attitude and spitfire!

Yesterday I took J, R, and 4 other little girls rollerskating.  We kept it a surprise from J for 2 weeks!  At one point  I had to tell her that  – Yes, you are having a party, but I can’t tell you what it is yet – you’ll have to wait because it’s a surprise.   I finally had to say something because R was planning her party and J was lamenting the fact that her sister was having one so why can’t she?  Poor thing probably felt left out.  Surprise went off without a hitch!

Today we’re having 2 friends come and visit and they are staying for 2 days!  J’s birthday is really Tuesday so I told her we could go do something free – the zoo or the science center – YES! they are free here!  We love it:)

On Wednesday, R is having all her friends over  to the barn where our horse is boarded.. which works because they all have horses there too.. They will ride for however long they want – cupcakes, ice-cream and then back here to our house for frozen ravioli lasange and Henna tattooing!  Perfect for a horse loving girl who is turning 13!

I didn’t get any picks of J’s party – it’s really hard when you’re the host trying to make 5 girlies happy 🙂

Bright Blessings!