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Bright Blessings






Well it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted, and I don’t know, I’ve just been in the worst funk ever. Blah. So much to do and so little motivation.

Last Wednesday, I put Rowan on an airplane with 7 other kids and 3 adults for a homeschool trip to London – I know right? We’ve only heard from her 2 or three times since but it seems she’s having a good time ( I hope). I haven’t gotten any  – Help I want to come home NOW – -emails. That’s a good sign right? There have been some pictures by other kids on their facebook page but not many. I know some of the days they have no internet connection whatsoever. I hope she’s having a good time.

Since Row is gone it’s just been Jaia and I here at home. Well my husband as well but – – you know. Jaia is my girl who needs to be out and about consistently. With a friend preferably, but that’s not always doable. I’m going to have to put more effort into group activities for that girl. She’s also been infatuated with all things school! She has a new Vera Bradley backpack. NOT sure where the VB love came from, it’s certainly not me, not my style at all but hey – She wants a new binder, a “big one that holds all my work”. I’m not buying it for her – I’ve purchased all her school supplies already and school is almost over! But she’s insisting. Also there’s the whole school uniform thing. I “had” to go to the thrift store to buy her a uniform skirt. Yes. I. Did. And she wears them too. Such a funny girl. She wants a hard back math book next year so she can re-write all her math problems in a notebook. Are you sure you don’t want to GO to school I ask her? NOPE.  Keeps me on my toes that one. (I’d post pictures but STILL getting that error notice).

With the three of us not doing summer camps this year I’ve really got to plan lots of activities I guess.

I’m still trying to talk our barn owner/friend into letting Rowan  have a trainer come. So far no such luck. She doesn’t want to open the door to having everyone have a personal trainer be able to come to the barn. I get that. Kinda of. We’ll see what happens. It may be that we are at a new barn next month.

Oh well. Such is life.

Bright Blessings!



So does anyone have any big plans for Cinco de Mayo?  We don’t and honestly I’m not even sure what this day celebrates – lol! Guess I’ve got some researching to do huh? We had a big weekend here in our household – dance recital!  Last year Jaia didn’t want to participate until about 2 weeks before the recital – by then it was too late. This year I signed her up for it  – no questions asked. It would have been easier to pull her out than sign her up to participate if she’d changed her mind so that’s what I did. Since she is loving the performing aspect of Irish Dancing I knew my decision would be fine  – and it was.

Rowan and Pharma - etc.. May 030

Selfie on the way to the recital –

FYI – I’ve been having issues with getting my pictures from the computer onto my blog – grrr…. so I’m hoping that some of the pictures I took I can post on my blog – we’ll see though .   And nope they are not working – I keep getting an error notice. Utterly and completely frustrating for me –

We are in the final  stretch before Rowan leaves for London – sooo much to do. I’ve got to get a few items of clothing for her – you know how teens are they wear the same 3 shirts day in and day out! She should be taking at least 7 days of clothes with her so we need to bolster her wardrobe a bit. Schoolwork needs to be finished up. Her 50 hour project is nearly done but it’s due Thursday and she still needs to fit it on the horse and take a million pictures to create a slide show –  Armor to put together and all sorts of stuff.

Friday was our last home school class of this semester. It was a new group we had tried out this semester to see if we liked it. It was okay – Jaia had a great time in the knitting class but the cooking from scratch class left a bit to be desired. Several baggies of herb mixes, salad dressing mixes etc… were certainly NOT worth the $30 I paid for the class.

Rowan and Pharma - etc.. May 020

Playtime after our last day of classes –

And exciting news! We don’t have to work summer camps this summer! We are all very excited but I’m realizing that I am out that money then. I always use camp money to cover some of the costs of feising – Oh well… I have lots of plans to grow my blog so look for some big changes this summer!

I’m off to start our day and to figure out why my pictures won’t transfer to my blog!

Bright Blessings!