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Well, we’ve been super busy since the end of May.  The girls and I have been helping at Avalon Horse Farm’s summer camp program. It’s been hot, muggy, rainy, tiring, fun, and frustrating , but extremely rewarding. Watching the small 5 and 6 year olds who’ve never been around horses. Such fun:)   There are 6 weeks of camp total. Two weeks “on”, one week “off”.   To give the helpers a break during the camp summer.  It gets really hot here in the midwest and by the end of the two weeks, we are just beat.  We are finishing our second break by doing almost absolutely nothing.

Today is a sad day for Avalon though. The barn’s favorite mare, a Belgian named Big Girl, is being put to sleep.  This was not a decision made lightly by the owners. She has bladder cancer and while we were hoping for months and months still with her, in a matter of weeks it had progressed enough that she cannot go to the bathroom.  And you can see the pain in her eyes.  It’s amazing at how quickly those pets make you love them.  She is such a gentle soul.  Anyone could ride her. She was forgiving and accepting of all who rode her.  She was the one I rode. The first really.  I’m going to miss her tremendously.  I don’t have pictures of her unfortunately. They are on the Avalon Horse farm facebook page.

On another note  – some pictures from the summer so far.  Not very crafty at all I’m sorry to say.

J on Roagie - a 35 year old horse

Camp helper being painted by another camp helper

Shirt made by R for my niece who turned one on June 9thShirt made by J for my niece. I added the piece of ribbon. (stray paint had made it to the collar)

Made by J for Fionna

I made her a cute pink/ladybug circle skirt to match.   I didn’t realize how hard it would be to guess the waist size of a one year old!  I got close enough – and the length – just past her knees. So she’ll have room to grow!  I always miscalculate how wide to cut the waist circle before adding the waistband with the elastic.  I always cut the m way too big!  But it always seems to work out. ..  We used the freezer paper stencil idea for the shirts.  R worked for hours to get her F  – for Fiona –  just right.  And then she helped J make the heart by tracing one we already had.  Each girl picked her own paint and painted the shirts. They did a great job! If  I do say so myself..  J’s brush got a little too happy and painted outside of the stencil. Luckily I had some pink ribbon that matched perfectly – A quick pass with my sewing machine and Ta-da!  Two cute shirts – fit for a one year old princess!

And last - home made strawberries and shortcake for the 4th.

Enjoy the week – Bright Blessings