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So obviously I’ve not been posting much. At all. For almost 6 months. I guess I got stuck in a rut. Although I love the idea of blogging I am an introvert. I have a hard time with expressing myself and wondering exactly, WHO is interested enough in reading about the things I am doing here in our humble house. And really with all of 2 readers I was kinda depressed.  I think I have tried to fashion this blog very similar to other blogs I love to read and I realize that I cannot do that. I need to write this blog for me, for my girls and what we love to do.

So I will be starting fresh – with the hopes that this blog becomes.  Becomes a place where I like to write, becomes a place I like to let you know what I am doing. I hope it becomes a place where others come to visit. I mean, more than the two readers who do – Thank you for coming!

So I will start over here, today, this week. Welcome.

There have been so many things going on! It really seems that since October we have been going non stop – and really still going but we’re having a welcome lul.

I will post more about stuff as time goes on.   For today I just needed to come here. To write what is in my heart and my head. We will see how time treats this small blog of mine.

Bright Blessings

and Happy Spring!