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Well things have finally calmed down here in our tiny household. We have one more holiday to celebrate and then 2014! January 1st is also my husbands birthday so this time of year is less about the actual new  year and more about his birthday – Dinner is the works and maybe  a small gathering of friends –  but of course there’s this cold that he has once again – With any luck it will pass and we can enjoy his day!

Christmas has come and gone – and once again it was a very successful day if I do say so myself – We have never gone all out on getting the girls presents, but they are few and very carefully chosen. R received a new bridle, camera and head phones while J received some AG clothes and a samsung tablet. Her “big girl” present. She is 10 and has been wanting her own “i-thing” for quite a while. We are of the mind that small children DON”T need their own devices so this was major that she received one. She is growing up!

They both got momma made jammie pants 🙂

pictures from phone - december 2013 009Fabric chosen – panda’s for J and pretty grey for R.

pictures from phone - december 2013 010Work in progress – J had all day dance camp! Perfect time to get those pants knocked out!

pictures from phone - december 2013 033Pants in action!

pictures from phone - december 2013 026pictures from phone - december 2013 024 Pillows and matching blankets from Momma’s stash and a bean bag chair. I actually opened up a lap desk for these awful Styrofoam balls! Never again will I listen to my husband. These were ALL OVER  my work table. Originally I had stuffed the chair with wool. Should have stuck with that. But J loved it! and wants another one:)

pictures from phone - december 2013 039Our horse barn had their very first show this past Sunday. R entered and I think they did wonderful! Second and third place in her division (dressage) – last place in both – But she’s never ridden pharma in a show before and has only been taking lessons on her for 3 months? AND – rode the test for the first time ever on Thursday – So I am super , super proud of her!

She LOOKED amazing! Our goal for this year is to buy a truck that will haul a horse trailer – Gotta get her to more dressage related functions so she can grow this love of hers.

J and I hit an antique mall yesterday after the show – we were both ansy and J had christmas money burning a hole in her wallets. She was on a mission for Breyer horses and I just wanted to look –

This is what she found –

pictures from phone - december 2013 047Felicity and a very old Breyer Barn. After literally bawling her eyes out because she couldn’t decide – this is what I realized. She loved/loves the dolls – didn’t want her to be left behind and felt like she needed to come home. The barn she wanted NOT because it was vintage Breyer but because it was a cool barn. Grandpa can make said cool barn. Momma can not make Felicity. So Felicity came home with us and I think with some much needed love and attention she will be fine.

The barn we took measurements of with a handy vintage ruler and now we will ask grandpa to make one!

pictures from phone - december 2013 048Problem solved, disaster averted, all are happy!

Have a wonderful new year! I’ll be back in a couple of days with lots of plans to grow this blog of mine!

Bright Blessings!








pictures from cell phone 023

“A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.” – by Amanda Soule –

I am joining in this Friday 🙂

Not from this week but a warmer weekend last month –

Bright Blessings



Well last week was certainly a trial  – last Saturday, the 7th, my husband was in a car accident. Totally his “fault” but not really. And yes he is just fine – he was sore but nothing else. There was slush from snow and a glance to the side and the person in front just stopped. He slammed on his breaks but still – right into the bumper of the car in front of him. It was an accident. That’s why they are called accidents right? So this past week was spent dealing with insurance, car rental, paperwork, driving my husband to and from the airport and yes – a new car purchase…  Another car just like the one totaled but nicer, upgraded, all the bells and whistles we nixed the first time (we got a pretty sweet deal on this car – last of the 2013 models). Needless to say, I am not ready for christmas yet. Neither mentally or physically.  First christmas ever I am not prepared by now. I have most everything we had picked out for the girls and a few things on order for my husband but the one cool item I wanted to get J is back ordered until February! Guess she’s getting that for her birthday now  – AND I have nothing ready to sew! No fabric even.

It’s also – gah! First time ever I just don’t care! It’s too much – the rushing, the purchasing , the nitpicking, the complaining. Ah well – In less than 2 short weeks it will be over and the new year will begin!

Oh! J and I went to our local history museum last week – once a month they have a home school Monday and this time we took advantage! We had a great time – hooked up with some friends from dance – went on a carriage ride –  Did some craft projects too – but seriously for the life of me CANNOT find them now on this computer and I literally just uploaded them this morning.  It frustrates me to no end when that happens.

from phone december 2013 009Buddy and Cuddles – Snuggles? I don’t remember the one with the antlers!
Over the weekend, J decided spur of the moment, that she wanted to “do a craft”- So this was one I’ve been wanting to do for a while  – a fun, easy project – we made bangle bracelets! A really good project for those “tween” girls who want to do so many projects but really can’t be let loose yet with  a sewing machine – maybe 🙂 I have seen bangle bracelet forms at Micheals or Joann’s – just cardboard ones specifically for decorating – but we had duct tape rolls!

from phone december 2013 034

Gather supplies – used up duct tape rolls, fabric, yarn, glue, mod-podge and what ever else you have on hand to make bracelets with. You could add buttons, ribbons, lace etc..

from phone december 2013 035

Cut your chosen fabric into thin strips – about one inch or so..

from phone december 2013 036

Wrap around the cardboard roll – gluing in place as you go along

from phone december 2013 038

from phone december 2013 039

from phone december 2013 040

Trim thread -add decorations – J added glitter then mod podged over the whole thing so the glitter would not get all over the house –

from phone december 2013 042Easy Peasy right? I think we may have more of these cardboard tubes somewhere – so I think I will make one 🙂 This would also be a very easy gift for your child to make  –

Stay warm and bright blessings!




Gluten Free Brownies –

Sounds kinda like an oxymoron right? Gluten free and brownies in the same sentence – But since I am really trying to cut out wheat/gluten then I am willing to try anything to make that transition easier.  I hit the grocery store earlier in the week with the demand from my husband to “get some chocolate donuts”… Well – I cannot stand those small, tiny, cardboard tasting packaged chocolate donuts. Never have and probably never will – so for my chocolate fix I grabbed a box of gluten free brownie mix – (fyi – not paid for this – just trying new things!)


One egg, melted butter and water – that’s it…

They were a bit harder to get into the pan – I had to spread the batter out with a knife.


Brownies before baking – DSCN2733

Brownies after…DSCN2734

These brownies were delicious! Soft, chewy, chocolatey – very, very yummy – I don’t know that making these brownies is going to be better for me though since I ate 3/4 of the pan!! I do know that I am going to keep some boxes on hand for that chocolate craving! My husband even liked them!

I realized sometime early this morning – like 5:00 ish – that christmas is 3 ish short, very short weeks away!!!  I have my older daughters stuff picked out and one is already on its way! But for J I really have no idea  – I have no desire to buy her yet another doll – I think 4 is excessive ( she DID buy 2 of those herself) – so I just lay there in bed trying to figure things out. We usually do  – something wanted, something needed, something I make and something to read.  I’ll make both girls again, pajama pants but I am totally stumped on J’s wants and there is really nothing she needs so badly that I want to make it part of christmas giving.   Anyone have any good ideas for a 10 year old??  I may have to actually go shopping to get some ideas!

Bright Blessings –

Wow – what a crazy, busy, exciting weekend J and I had. On Thursday, shortly after finishing thanksgiving lunch, she and I headed out to Grand Rapids Michigan where the huge Irish Dance competition was being held.

That evening we stayed in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast in South Bend Indiana – Chosen because of its Irish Theme 🙂

oireachtas pics 055

Friday morning we finished the drive to Grand Rapids – since it was just J and I , I didn’t want to push that drive Friday – I know I would have been a frazzled mess making sure we arrived in time for that 4:00 practice time (which ended up being more like 5:15)

oireachtas pics 061

Zuca bag was very helpful this weekend. J lugged it around ALL day Saturday morning.  We arrived, checked in, vegged out for a minute, and headed over to the venue.

oireachtas pics 092

J stretching out before we headed over.

oireachtas pics 063

We got our Oireachtas book – every dancer and stage and time is listed here, and spent the afternoon enjoying the dancing and wandering around with friends and of course buying things.  J ended up with a cool new sweatshirt. (at the bottom of the post)

oireachtas pics 070

Saturday morning we got up too darn early in the morning to get ready for the big competition! Wig on – Perfect. We got dressed at the venue.We needed to be there at 7:00 for a morning run through of all the dances and I had scoped out the Starbucks the night before so we left a few minutes early to run by and grab mochas, refreshers and a breakfast sandwich for J.

oireachtas pics 080

Waiting for the Traditional set dance to start. Make up on and ready to go!

oireachtas pics 082

Waiting for the team Ceili dance to start. Sassy pose!

Well she didn’t place in either dance but let me tell ya – she rocked it. I am so proud of that girl for all her hard work that although I’m bummed she didn’t place – it doesn’t really matter – there is always next year.  My girls make me so proud.

oireachtas pics 088

Sunday morning was spent watching her spirit buddy dance and just wandering around a bit.  I found a new Irish dancing themed book and bought the first 2 – she read book one on the way home  –

oireachtas pics 093

Ice cream before heading home. I hope we get to enjoy this next year.

Today is back to barn day – Wednesday!

Bright Blessings!