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Wow – I cannot believe we are almost through the first month of 2014. Time has really flown by! We are in this new year fully  now, in a few short months my children will be 11 and 16 – a reality I am finding a bit hard to grasp. 16.  The first 3 weeks of 2014 have been fairly good to us though, so I have no complaints whatsoever, and I can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for us!

Over the weekend my youngest had 2 sleepovers – and she handled them wonderfully! One here at our house and one at a friends. They played dolls 🙂 She love to play with her AG dolls and the only little girl in our neighborhood refuses to play -it’s horses all the way for her – which is fine but then my girlie gets tired of it.

We are switching up science for  my youngest for the 3rd time this year. I love homeschooling because you CAN do that when one curriculum doesn’t work. You are not stuck using one that is dull, poorly written, your child can’t stand or you can’t stand. We started out with really neat research type cards – each index card had 5 topics/questions to study that week – we were responsible for finding the material – self study. I did really like this one and we only stopped when half the deck  went missing. I should have just ordered more but I decided to find another.  This index card curriculum was by Creek Edge Press –  I do think I am going to order a few more sets. They also have music, history etc…

I switched then to Interactive Science by Pearson that had favorable reviews on a couple websites. It sucks – really. My daughter hates it and we struggled through the first 3 chapters.  I have nothing good to say about it.

Finally we are starting Real Science 4 Kids  – which is what I used for my oldest when she was about this age. The books are short but chocked full with information – short and sweet. Hopefully we will get the workbook this week in the mail and will be able to incorporate that into our schedule.  Along with science experiments! – really all she wants to do 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest browsing this weekend – just trying to come up with fun craft ideas. Well I found a fun, easy decoration and promptly dug out supplies to try it –


I dug out an old piece of canvas – we had done some paper project on canvas years ago – but it was time to re purpose – so I ripped off the picture and got started. This first try really was to see if it worked with the supplies I had on hand, and also to see how it turns out. If we liked it then I was going to gather more supplies and make on for each girl – specialized.

DSCN2908I painted the stripped canvas with blue – I was/am limited in the colors simply because I need to hit the craft store to buy more!


Months ago at a crafter – noon session with my sister – I had traced and cut out stencils of my daughters favorite hobbies – I chose to start with the Irish dancer since that stencil actually fit on the canvas square – maybe 10 inches square –


J picked out this pretty color to be the dancer –


In progress!

DSCN2914Finished project! I love how this turned out! I do think now, I can get some canvas that doesn’t have paper stuck to the front and I’ll let the girls pick out their colors. I’m planning on individualizing by adding their names to the canvas.  – Total this project to 30 minutes. Waiting for the paint to dry in between layers was the main time suck. Next time though I will also add another layer to the bottom coat. I can still see a bit of white there –

Have a wonderful Monday!

Bright Blessings!



This week was a crazy week – Wednesday we of course went to the barn – It was so cold! Freezing – My toes took about 30 minutes to thaw  I kid you not.  I do believe I am buying new winter boots this weekend! Thursday was a day where I spent more time IN my car than not! R to class, J to the dentist to have another retainer made. While we were there the assistants discovered the top bracket for the rubber bands was loose, so they took it off and “glued” it back on.  2 hours later we are back at the dentist because as soon as we got home J realized that it wasn’t even attached to her tooth! 40 minutes  at the dentist again -! Really. We ended the day with a very nice PC party for my older daughter and quiz practice.

In my many hours of internet browsing (HA), I discovered an awesome home school resource –…

There are so many different art lessons on this site – pencil drawing, mixed media, pastel, etc… I would love to start incorporating more art into our everyday homeschooling schedule so I thought I’d use this site as reference and how to. I started with how to paint abstract art. I didn’t get too horribly far simply because out paint supply is almost non existent and apparently I need to go shopping!



You start first by painting the border – any color you want. I chose this brown/orange color  – why? That was really the only full tube of paint we had!


I added some green – just because.. And this is how far I got. We have no more paint! This weekend I will head out to buy more paint – the girls are both dying to try this activity! I do think this will turn out to be a fun and creative painting project!

DSCN2882     This week J also worked on her recycled art project – Painting the petals of her flowers –

DSCN2885Almost finished project – I’m going to see if she wants to polish up the white or paint over it maybe. It turned out very cute though and I love the colors she picked!

R got into the act as well!

DSCN2887I also made a quick batch of hand lotion/solid hand lotion bars this week – I wanted to put together a bath basket for the the trivia night/action we are having for R’s pony club – Lotion, bath salts, eye pillow etc…


Measuring out ingredients  –


Melting the beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter on the stove top  – No double boiler just a close eye –

DSCN2902 Whipped lotion – Oily but I’ve only tried it once so I will give it another go here soon.

DSCN2905Solid lotion bars –

Today is a day of cleaning, school and errands – This weekend is proving to be extremely busy as well. As soon as I think I can sleep in something pops up! Ah well – such is the life 🙂

Bright Blessings!

There is more snow today. I am so tired of snow it’s not even funny.  Just want it to be warm!

I finished the birthday presents for the girls last week.  They really turned out very cute !

february 2014 028J found some beads that looked very much like that chiclets gum pictured, so each friend got a package of gum, rock candy, homemade zipper pouch and a bracelet. I’m pleased with how the pouches turned out and I hope the girls like them. We haven’t been able to give the birthday gifts because we haven’t seen them lately! Hopefully tonight 🙂

The weekend sped by – Saturday J and I went to “the Loop” – they were having their annual ice festival – ice slides, ice cubes filled with chocolate dollars or if you were really lucky  – a real dollar! J was lucky!  Second ice cube had a really Sacajawea dollar in it! I unfortunately did not take hardly any pictures of the morning – I am trying to live in the moment with the girls, not necessarily behind the camera 🙂 I did snap this one though – waiting for our tacos before we leave –

february 2014 031

Thursday J’s dance school danced at the hockey game!

february 2014 023

It was very neat – I got to introduce J to the one sport I actually enjoy watching and she got to dance! Win/Win!

It is frighteningly cold out there today – Stay warm!

Bright Blessings



Oh where to start – Last week we were snowed in – going crazy! This weekend 58 degrees – I kid you not! Wednesday we did make it to the barn. Snow and ice and all.  Thursday? Don’t remember. Friday J and I went for measurements for a dance school dress. YEAH! I can’t wait to see it. Her teacher changed the style a bit and is allowing the dress they used for the choreo number at the Oireachtas to be the new school dress – J’s the first one! I am so excited – more than J I think 🙂

Saturday we had a family get together – I have a love/hate relationship with these gatherings. I love seeing the whole family, cousins and my aunt and uncle. It’s the feeling that I need to be there to appease my mother that is really draining on me. And it only takes minutes into any family gathering to realize, each and every time, how so much differently I think than the rest of them. I love them all dearly – but I really just don’t fit.

I did realize this 15 years ago when my biggest came into this world. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and baby wearing are not terms ever heard in any family gathering and really not even since then.  Oh well – it is what it is.

Row actually left the family gathering and walked over to my SIL’s house just a block over. Welcome relief for her. No one noticed for 40 minutes.

Ah well – away gloomy thoughts!

I am still battling the gluten free monster! Or should I say – gluten monster! I did relapse this weekend. Bread and spinach artichoke dip did me in!  Each day I start new though and I haven’t given up on my quest to get rid of the gluten, wheat, sweets etc.. Well maybe not  CHOCOLATE – but certainly the pastries can go – yes?

I did try a new gluten free pizza crust Friday. It was homemade pizza night and I really wanted to be good:) (just my own personal experiment – not a paid advertisement in any way, shape, or form)

DSCN2853The way you mix this up was totally foreign to me. Water and oil – typical, but then you mixed it with the mixer, again typical, but it was more like a thick cake batter or mashed potatoes.


After you mix it with the mixer for about 3 minutes, you spread it onto your pizza pan –


You then pre bake it for about 20 minutes –


I did make 2 normal pizza crusts – one for the girls and one for my husband (any myself – just in case the gluten free one was awful)


Here the round one in the front is gluten free and the “normal” one in the back.


After baking. I have to say that this gluten free pizza mix is amazing! My husband took 1/4 of this pizza and then went back for more! I enjoyed it more than my normal pizza crust and that’s saying a lot! because I really, really, like my pizza crust. It was light, crunchy, tasty – not like your typical flour dough – but more seasoned.  It was just yummy 🙂 I recommend this pizza mix any day and it will probably be my go to pizza crust.  And easy to since there is no rise time you need to allow for.

Bright Blessings!


More snow pictures – this has been the most snow in …. I don’t know how long! The last time I remember having so much snow here was when I was a child – Pre move to Jefferson County – so I was under age 9? So I won’t tell you exactly how many years ago that was 😉


Snow play!


This is the entrance to our subdivision – Sooo crappy driving! Yes I am in my car – yes I stopped to take this picture! Granted I was going all of 10 MPH to begin with -BUT!  I had decided to venture out to the grocery store Tuesday morning – I just needed to get out! for a few minutes…. We were also running out of eggs and milk 🙂


J laying in the snow while the neighbor shovels – She’s waiting for him to finish… She’s been working on making that mound of snow into an igloo/ snow cave –


Art project in progress! Today we paint it…. We also have to head to the barn since it’s Wednesday, but with the warmer temperatures, hopefully the roads won’t be as horrible as they were yesterday…

Bright Blessings!



Well January slid in with nary a bump or crash – Until now – We currently have about 12 +/- inches of snow in our back yard and it is crazy!  I really don’t think we are leaving this house for a couple of days – there is still 4 inches of snow on the driveway and that’s after my husband and girls shoveled yesterday –


View from the front window – The hydrant is on the other side of the street 🙂 It still snowed for several hours after I took this picture –


Our dog leaping through the snow!

January 1st we celebrated my husband’s birthday, a delicious lunch with some really good drinks at  We definitely plan on going back! One of my gifts to him this year is Date day/night. We’ve been neglecting us it seems, with the girls going and going – we/I concentrate so much on getting them where they need to be that we forget to take care of the two of us (he works to make it happen) – SO I have picked 12 restaurants here in St. Louis that are mainly Farm to Table restaurants serving local foods and drinks – Some of these we may go to as a family but my main goal is for my husband and I to enjoy some time together –  Our first reservation is for February 1st! One of our goals this year is to eat out less and when we do eat out better quality –

january 2014 pictures - phone 014Cake and ice cream for my hubbies birthday – while we play boggle!


Saturday J had a 3 1/2 hour dance camp and I really was lost as to what to do – I didn’t want to go grocery shopping and I didn’t want to go home so instead I wandered around Downtown Kirkwood for a few hours.  I bought some coffee and tea – ate lunch by myself and I found this very cute vintage table cloth that actually fits! by huge 52 inch square table – I was a happy girl 🙂


Several months ago I gave up eating bread/gluten. Well – trying to give that up RIGHT before the holidays was probably not the best decision ever so I decided that I was going gluten-less. My husband and I decided to make the best of it- to quit again in January and so we ate all the yummy goodies we’d give up after his birthday! Well now that the holidays are over it’s time to start so last night I made an oh so yummy apple tart!

It was so easy to make – I took 2 large apples and diced them up into fairly small pieces. I added a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and cooked them down for a few minutes in a sauce pan. I took one piece of puff pastry and added the apples to one half. Folded over the other side and crimped with a fork. I added a few slits with a knife so the steam would escape, topped with more cinnamon and sugar and baked @ 400 for about 15 minutes or so! Oh was it good – and warm!


Another picture of dogs romping in snow!

Bright Blessings!