This weekend we were to have the girls family birthday parties. We haven’t done a family party in years – choosing instead to have a large friend party. Family of course is always welcome to attend these, but, you know, MY family doesn’t want to, doesn’t like to and won’t.

All went well for the Saturday party – burgers, hotdogs, wings, chips, fruit, and I even bought soda. Which I rarely do  – except when it’s to mix with rum of course. By the end of the day J was complaining of a sore throat and stuffy nose. She went to bed with a head cold and woke up feeling worse. SO the Sunday party for my in-laws was cancelled – Oh well.. We’ll do it again.  So instead of smashed chicken we had homemade pizza instead. –



Prosciutto, pine-apple, jalepeno, and spinach on the parents.



Pepperoni and spinach for the girls.

Yes -I do put spinach in almost everything!

Today we are back to school after our home school spring break – and off to the barn this afternoon –

Bright Blessings!