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Well Monday starts the two week stretch of non stop work for me.  Well – two of those days we’re volunteering for the Renaissance festival, but I still won’t be home! Horse Camp at Avalon Horse farm in Illinois starts Monday. We have 6 weeks of camps – tons of fun! Thankfully not all in a row. We’ve gotten smart and we hold 2 weeks of camp and then have a week off. Much better – this way you end up NOT feeling like a zombie and the end of the season.

Riding, crafting, and painting ponies and horses are all involved in our camp. I think the biggest and most fun is getting to paint the ponies. Something that really isn’t done any other place.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the painted ponies at least – Right now the power chord for my laptop is kaputz and we’re waiting on a replacement. So frustrating  – everything we’ve been working on – school, blog, flyers etc.. are on that lap top. It’s amazing how much we depend on these electronic …. things! that have become so permanent in our house holds.

Have a great and safe memorial day weekend!


It’s been raining off and on here for days now. Seems like years!  I’ve been so worried that my garden will get rained out, but so far it seems like it’s doing okay. We’ll see I guess. We have a raised bed garden since the only spot in our yard that gets a significant amount of sun is also the only place in the yard that has a dip and holds water.

Last year I planted 3 strawberry plants in a square foot garden box. Along with chives and something else. Now look:

They’ve completely taken over the box! You can see the chives holding their own back in the corner. I think it’s going to be the last year for those guys.  I love having these strawberries. My youngest goes out daily and pick the new red ones. The only problem we’re having right now it that it’s rained so much some of them are getting mushy and gross.

Next year I’ll have to spread hay on the plants before they come up.

Don’t mind the grass! We’ve not been able to mow because of all the rain and now our yard squishes when we walk across it.

Since we’re getting a number of strawberries each day and no one seems to be eating them yet – yesterday I made these:Chocolate covered strawberries! I’m quite pleased with myself!  I’ve not eaten all of them yet. I hope to be getting more soon – I would love to give a nice pretty box of chocolate covered strawberries to my sister in law who is due to give birth ANY DAY NOW!  I thought it would be a nice way to bring her strength back up after all of that work 🙂

It will be there first child and my second niece/nephew.

Yes – my counter is powder blue. So was the toilet, and the bathtub is still blue. We need to change these one at a time.  Who ever lived here previously loved powder blue  and gold fixtures.

For wanting to live a more simple and quiet life – We do seem to get obnoxiously busy sometimes.

Renaissance, helping at my friends barn, work, and then soon – Horse Camp (at my friends barn).

And somewhere in there I want to sew and start my esty shop –

So where do I cut back?  My girls love each thing we do – especially working at the barn – which is

a boarding barn for horses and our pony.

It all comes in spurts though – starting in April when the girls have their birthdays – and going until July.

August maybe – not sure when all of the camps end. Renaissance faire though,  is only four Sundays for us this year. A

much easier load than last year.   Thankfully – once August starts we have a clean slate and

maybe can arrange for some family time. Camping maybe – we’ve never been camping.

Throughout it all we still will be doing school. “Required reading” for

my reader – Tons to learn from historical fiction, and so much more interesting to read that text books.  My littlest will

be working on learning how to read. Such a big step!

I’m rambling now. Tired from a  long and wet Sunday at Faire. And we’re off to the horse farm.

I will leave you with a picture of Jaia – my youngest  – learning how to ride her bike during the warm spell in April!  She loves it!

This is the third year the girls and I will be volunteering for the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival.

I had actually toyed with the idea of not volunteering at all this year due to such a busy schedule – and work, but as soon as I brought up not attending I was very much vetoed.  Our faire only runs for 4 weekends so it’s not such a big deal. The only problem is that here in Missouri we’ve had what seems like nonstop rain for months!  😉  Not really but you get the idea of what it feels like. Our first year we were caught at the end of the day in a huge storm. Tornadoes spotted about 10 miles away and no one was allowed to leave. Great experience for a 5 and 10 year old right? Last year some rainy days and this year?  We’ll see but more rain is in the forecast. Keep your fingers crossed that it changes!  This is Missouri after all. Weather is never predictable!

We have tons of fun and have met some really great people.  This year I think the theme for Kids Kingdom is “Gypsy’s” so we’ve made skirts and vests for everyone. Well, the three of us, which, of course I will be working on until the very last minute.  Hopefully they’ll be completed by tonight.  It’s just lacing that needs to be finished, but really, the threading through the wasteband is a pain in the tushie.

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and dry weekend.

So how do you start a blog? Don’t know. I’ve only done this once and didn’t like it at all. So – that one I stopped and started another.

Covered in Roses is all about …. everything? My frustrations, my children – sometimes my frustrations with my children:) Sewing, gardening, homeschooling.. It will all be covered. Sometimes one subject at a time – sometimes all at once.

I am full time stay at home mom with two beautiful girls – ages 7 and 12.  We home school, car school and try to school everywhere in between. I work part time out of the house. At a Library. Fantastic right!

Hope you will join me on this new journey as we grow.

Hello All!