I’m  Sarah – a name I’ve always not liked but have come to terms with.(  I often pretend I’m Sabine when I play with my girlies.)  I’m 3X years old and I live in St. Louis Missouri.
I have two wonderful girls – 12 and 7 – R and J respectively. We have 2 dogs and one obnoxious pony.  I work part time at a library shelving books. My full time job is a stay at home momma. We homeschool. We try to live a simpler life – but sometimes this doesn’t always work.   I’m unorganized – but trying to become organized:) We try to eat healthy, and succeed much of the time.  We are mostly t.v free. I’d say 75% of the time.  We are selective about what they watch.
I love to sew, bake, cook and make beaded jewelry. However I cannot knit or crochet – although I want to learn. I’ve just discovered Steampunk! and can’t wait to make an outfit. And I have a garden in my back yard and want to turn the rest into an edible back yard.