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So this past Sunday, the girls and I walked with Avalon Horse Farm in the St. Nick parade in Millstadt Ill.  R was able to take the pony – Lucky, but J didn’t have a  pony to ride since there was no extra room in any of the trailers.  So we decided to quick, quick, make her an elf costume.   After a quick perusal online for easy elf costume instructions – we’re talking about 5 minutes total of searching.. I decided there was nothing worth while and some quite questionable – – really do elves dress that skimpy??  They DO live in the North Pole after all !

So I decided to come up with my own using a simple  T-tunic pattern.  basically 3 rectangles – one for the body, two for the arms.  I added a  green collar and J used cute green polka dott stretch pants and it worked out wonderfully.

I went to the fabric store and bought some red fleece, and a remnant of green fleece. I measured her across the shoulders – 16 inches, then added 3 for room.

scalloped the bottom.


Cut the neck hole – front is longer than the back.

Two rectangles for the arms  = Length of the arm and I think I made these 14 inches wide – maybe wider..  I sewed these to the body then I stitched up each side .

Taa Daa!

Then I added the green collar.  It turned out perfect!  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a picture of her in the costume (but I will) and something has happened to the pictures I took at the parade –

Hope everyone had a nice weekend – bright blessings!