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I’m having withdrawals. I have not been able to just “be at home” in weeks. I’m crabby, grumpy and I’m taking it out on my girlies. Sorry lovies. Thanks for listening.


Bright Blessings


Busy again – Can never seem to catch a break and just be able to be in our home ..  Oh well I guess.

The past weeks we’ve visited Long Meadow Rescue Ranch – A ranch for farm animals that have been rescued from places where they are not taken care of properly.. Most of them are sick, underweight and may have had very little human interaction before coming here.

Where we met Twist of Fate or Twister – His momma and many others were in a horrible trailer accident years ago. Three mares were pregnant  – only Twister was born.  Sad story really, I think the horses were bound for the processing plan 😦 NOT something I like to think about.

Sorry!  No pictures of Twister – it was just too dark in the barn – and nothing I took of him worked out. He was beautiful though!   Some other pictures of animals there:

1000 lb, 9 year old pig. This type of pig is normally butchered for food, so they are not quite sure how old or how big he'll get.

A mare and her baby - brought in not long ago. The baby is actually several months old and should be MUCH bigger.

Other things  – We’re mapping Africa for geography:

She is such a perfectionist! Was not happy with her outline being "good enough" for our wall.

Science experiment dealing with gasses.

My 7 year old. Just because.

Bright Blessings!