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Oh my goodness. This past week has been, I kid you not, the week from Hades.  I have literally been going non stop since Saturday.  Pony Club trivia night….  FYI – lots of moaning and complaining ahead!

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 003

The evening was loads of fun and it is our club’s sole fundraiser. BUT oh my gosh is it draining. This is what I was making all the decorations for and so upsetting, I didn’t get any pictures of the venue decorated before guests started showing up. Doors opened at 6 and people started showing up at 5:20. Before the food was set out for the kids to eat. Oh and don’t get me started on the food!  It is really hard to mess up pasta in my opinion  – but they did!

Sunday we had a fantastic family day in Delmar. A local shopping/restaurant fun area. Rowan wanted to go to the Avalon Exchange  store for some clothes (upscale thrift/vintage resale store) and came away with a few different, fun shirts. I was so frustrated though – I was having issues with my contact lenses – one was actually messed up to the point that it was hurting my eye! But Avalon does not have a public bathroom that I could use – So I ended up in the dressing room in front of one of those mirrors!

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 017Tacos at Mission Taco. Yum!

Monday we had dance private lesson and riding lesson. Tuesday back to the barn so Pharma could get her feet done.

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 026

Then dance in the pm. Wednesday back to the barn for stall cleaning and feeding – and then I made a dash over to my sister’s house so she could print up some iron on pictures for t-shirts for THIS WEEKEND. My computer, apparently does not have a mirror image option anywhere!  Some how I ended up in charge of t-shirts AGAIN for quiz this weekend, which normally is not an issue unless I don’t get any information until the Monday before we leave (on Friday)..

Which brings us to today. Rowan has 2 classes on Thursdays- one from 11-12 and one from 2:30 to 4 – All good right? Except we live 7 minutes away so I pick her up between each class.  And today I have to tidy the house so it’s not a mess for my husband this weekend – who is manning the house with the 10 year old – pack, do laundry and make 4 shirts for quiz. Then there is the “trip to London” meeting at 4 – which is a whole ‘nother post  – and the final quiz practice meeting this evening starting at 7.  With any luck we’ll be home by 9.  NOT quite sure what I’m feeding my girls or when but hey – I’ll figure it out. It is all good!!

Friday, Jaia has her 2 classes, which we missed last week because she was sick, so we’ll go this Friday and then Row and I hit the road by 3. Whew – Then of course Saturday and Sunday are quiz.

Makes me dizzy just reading it all! Next week we will be back to normal!  I did carve out some time to begin drafting a pattern for a dress bag for Jaia’s new school dress….


Well  – I certainly hope everyone else’s weekends are relaxing 🙂 Maybe you can send some calming and peaceful vibes my way?  I’m going to be in a hotel with hundreds of very loud teens and ‘tweens – I’m gonna need it!  (you know with all the complaining I do, I really enjoy quiz  – it’s good for my girl).

Bright Blessings






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Joining Soulemama once again.

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple and special moment. A moment I want to pause and remember.

phone - february 2014 011

Not a whole lot going on this week. Well okay – I take that back. Yesterday I dropped my phone in water. My new, barely 2 months old iphone. That I had to get because I dropped my previous iphone and cracked the screen. Which I’d had for 1 1/2 years so it’s all good..  It’s currently sitting in dry more our something like that to suck the moisture out. Keep your fingers crossed that it works! I LIKE my phone –

Yesterday was barn day, which was also the day I dropped my phone. So I dropped the girls off at the barn and went to home depot to look for this dry stuff. Then we went from the barn to Fairmont Race track – which is where we hold the Pony Club trivia night and auction. We set up for that and made it home by 9:00! This evening is quiz practice and tomorrow are the classes for J and Dance. Saturday is the Trivia night and auction! whew! Can’t wait for Sunday. Nothing planned for that day!!

I am in charge of decorations again for our Las Vegas themed trivia night. I both love and hate that I’m in charge of decorations. Love it because I get to be creative  – and hate it because the venue is huge and it mostly comes out of my pocket. I have a lot of decorations made from poster board and construction paper. phone - february 2014 029

I hope they actually look like dice!

phone - february 2014 025I was trying to replicate some of these decorations. I almost purchased this but after looking at the size I decided it wasn’t worth it. They are only 7 inches  – I made my dice 16 inches. This year I pulled in 2 other moms to help though so the decorations will be pretty neat I think.

I’m off to buy balloons and streamers today to add to the growing list of decorations. And more poster board. I need to make some large cards –

misc dentist pictures 001

On a funny note – Jaia went to the dentist Tuesday – No cavities! – Here’s the funny –

misc dentist pictures 009Selfies in the van – LOL!

Bright Blessings!


Well Jaia’s feis was a bust. No placements for her.  She took it well and in fact, I think I was more bothered by it than she was. I am waiting for the results and comments to be posted so that we can see her exact placement and what she needs to work on.  She was ecstatic though, with her new school dress –

phone - february 2014 011

She was super excited and did her best 🙂 That’s all that matters right?!

phone - february 2014 012

By beautiful girl in her school dress. It actually looks cute all put together doesn’t it? The wig and dress and headband? Such a lot of fuss for several 40 second dances. Ah there will be other feisiannas . Momma just wants her girls to do well 🙂

This lovely new dress did not come with a dress bag at all – right now it’s just in the closet in a dry cleaning bag. I’ve been looking online for bag patterns and I think I like this one the best –

It’s not a pattern per say – but I like this design better than the other ones. With this style you can open up the bag and hang the dress straight as opposed to hanging it folded in half like in the other style bags.  It should not be too hard to figure out a pattern for her dress.  I’ll be working on that Sunday as I relax after the PC trivia night 🙂

We are off to the dentist today – Jaia is not pleased. Just wait until Rowan has to go !

Bright Blessings –


Today is Feis #1 for the weekend. We, however, are not participating since it’s my Birthday! And I would like to not be at a feis all day -Jaia will be competing in tomorrow’s feis and she is super excited. With any luck we will go pick up her brand spankin new school dress and she’ll be all prepared! (we have made arrangements to rent a dress just in case of tragedy)

We will, at some point today, prep for the feis. Earlier in the week I dragged out Jaia’s Zucca to make sure we had everything we need for tomorrow.


Small and large bobby pins? check. Band aids? check. Rubber bands? gotta buy more – Bobby pins hold the wig on – pins to hold the number on – band aids, well, just in case.


Black electrical tape for shoes? check. White electrical tape for shoes? check.


Black spray hair color? check. Wig spray? check. (for making the wig look nice) White socks? check. Which I will bleach.


Bleaching socks.  Yep.


Wig? check. I will spend a few minutes tonight with the wig spray and a scissors making the wig look nice. Re-curling some of the curls and cutting out fuz.


Head band? check. Dress? no check – we will be picking this up TODAY or using the rental.


Printout of dances? check. This tell us approximately when her dances start and how many are in each dance. We can kind of gauge how long each dance will take and whether or not we have time to run to the bathroom in between! LOL!


Jaia intently watching irish dancing videos? check.

Are we mentally ready for tomorrow. Probably not. It’s an early morning – 5:00. And the whole day is emotional. Is she placing? yes? no? Is the wig on straight? Dress okay? Socks pulled up properly? Shoes tied correctly? It’s a lot of sitting around for 8 one minute dances.  I really, honestly don’t care how jaia does. Well I take that back. I want her to do well. I want her to shine and I want her to place first. I want her to succeed and I want her to be proud of herself as a dancer. As any mother does. BUT. This is not the begin all and end all of life for us. She doesn’t live to dance (well maybe not yet).  Would I love for her to go to World Championship in Irish Dancing. Sure! Am I going to have a conniption fit and threaten to disown her if she doesn’t? No- absolutely not. I want and ask her to do her absolute best.  This is the first feis of a new year of a new level for J. Tougher competition. Greater pressure. But after all – it is just a dance. I hope she goes as far as she wants to with it and I will support her every step of the way. Every solo dress, every new pair of hard shoes, every wig.

If anyone had ever told me when my girls were nursing babies in slings that I would be worried about blankets on horses or new breeches (and quizes for horse lovers, which is a whole other post) OR worried about glittery school dresses or beyond curly wigs. I would have thought they were nuts. Bonkers.

But this is where we are at right now. It’s fun. It’s an experience. And she is learning that losing isn’t anything to freak out about and winning isn’t everything. It’s okay.

Bright Blessings.



Plans for Valentines day?


Joining the other mamma’s again today –

“A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see -” Soulemama

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings –


Well, yesterday was “barn day”, as every Wednesday is, and I have to say 28 degrees felt like summer! What a difference it made! The sun was shining, the horses were happy, the doors were open! whew!  I wasn’t immediately freezing. The younger kids actually played outside.

blanket stitching,  watch week etc.. february 2014 007Jaia and a friend were searching for a missing halter. Never did find it – oh well. The boys in this pasture are NAUGHTY! Just look what they did on Monday to this poor guy’s blanket –


So instead of tying that little blue blanket with yarn, which was my original idea – I’ve decided to go this route :

It looks so clean and simple and pretty!  Mine will be no where near as nice but I’m just starting out so we’ll see how I progress  –

blanket stitching,  watch week etc.. february 2014 001 My stitching is still very uneven but I’ve only finished 2 rows of sewing – I have a whole blanket yet to finish!

I haven’t had a chance to start my lunch bag – maybe this weekend. – Although this Saturday is my birthday! and Sunday Jaia has a feis. (irish dancing competition) Tomorrow I’ll walk you through our feis prep –

Have a wonderful Thursday! Enjoy the sun – and

Bright Blessings –


More snow here in St. Louis Saturday. I cannot express how TIRED I am of the snow and I cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive! Gah!! Maybe it’s not really even the snow but the biting, bitterly cold  temperatures we’ve been getting .  Like 5 degrees and 1. Yep. 1.  And when you have to go out to your barn to fill water buckets ……. well there are no words.  But the sun is out, the days are slowly getting LONGER and I can hear birds singing out side – so I know spring will come!

Well Friday, Jaia started 2 new classes with another local home school group. She is definitely my social one. Loves to be around friends and playing all the time – so I am constantly trying to  balance our need for actually getting school work accomplished and her need to visit and play with friends.  This group meets every Friday and they are fun classes. Knitting on a circle loom and homemade cooking from scratch are the  two she is going to take – She LOVED the knitting one – The cooking from scratch one -well we’ll see – They made homemade hot chocolate with powdered milk and white chocolate chips blended in a blender.  I don’t think that bothered her as much as the fact they had to raise their hands to see who was next to put whatever ingredient in the blender! HA! I guess she’s used to me handing her a knife and asking her to chop the mushrooms 🙂 Ah well. It will all be good

misc from phone and video for tryout 032

Peeking in the window of the knitting class  – can’t wait to see the finished project!

Since we are staying after classes to eat lunch with Jaia’s friends before we head home, I decided I needed make myself a lunch bag –

I wanted it to be larger than the one I had made for J last year, so I retraced the pattern I made for her lunch bag  adding one inch all around –

misc from phone and video for tryout 038Tracing the original onto poster board so it’s sturdier  –

misc from phone and video for tryout 040

Adding the inch –

misc from phone and video for tryout 042

You can see the difference in size – Although now looking at this picture, I realize that I forgot to add the inch at the top! I’ll just have to remember to add it before I cut the fabric –

The only tough decision I have now? Which fabric to use!

misc from phone and video for tryout 044OR –

misc from phone and video for tryout 043

Rowan likes the top one better – say’s it’s more “me”. I think I’ll go with that one. I’ve been hoarding this fabric since last year when I went to Minneapolis with my husband. I visited and went a little nuts. My husband was sooo good. Didn’t even bat an eye. (well maybe a little) .

Now – I wonder if I’ll have this finished by Friday!

Bright Blessings!


I think I might try and learn to crochet!

This very awesome you tube page has tons of great tutorials 🙂   I definitely need something to do while I sit during Jaia’s dance classes.  Two a week so that can give me 3 uninterrupted hours of crafting time!

Now I just have to find the time to sit and watch the videos 🙂


I finished that baby/lap blanket I was thinking about making last week. It is very cute and simple –  I love vintage textiles and need to get my hands on more! I think I may take some yarn and sew through both layers and “tie” it together – I’m pleased with how it turned out.



I also finished the bath and body “kit” for Row’s Pony Club auction. Each family is expected to solicit five donations from businesses to donate for the fundraiser. I hate soliciting. So I usually make my donations.  This year I made a very pretty cowl, this bath and body love kit and I purchased some basket filler items they asked for. Shampoo, conditioner and boxed baking mixes.  There is Lavender bath salt, candles :), scrubby, and 2 types of homemade body bar lotions. One with olive oil and one without.  I love the packaging I discovered and May, May create more of these kits to start an etsy shop. Decisions, decisions.

This weekend is busy, as they all are in February – Pony Club quiz practice and an extra dance class since so many have been cancelled by SNOW!

Stay warm and bright blessings!

february 2014 031

Joining other mammas out there today –

“A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.” Soulemama