Last week J and I stopped in a thrift store before dance.  I love going into thrift stores and a lot of the girls clothing is from a thrift store simply because it’s more economical.  Where else can you find name brand clothing for $4.00!!

Anyway, – we stopped briefly – and I didn’t find any thing to wear but I did make a decent find with some other items – A bag of zippers! A water bottle, a vintage math flash card set and a shower curtain  –

I would show you the picture, but I seem to have inadvertently deleted it  – very frustrating. The water bottle was a Nalgene water bottle. These are $10 at a big box store and I paid $2.00 for it – score! We have about 5 of them now and I fill each and every one of them up for working summer camps. It can hit 100* + here in the midwest and we need all the hydration we can get!  I did a happy dance over the bag of zippers! So many bright colors – I’m going to put them to use making zipper pouches with some of that gorgeous fabric I bought on my trip to Minneapolis from the Crafty Planet fabric store… Have I shown you that fabric? Oh dear! I will have to take pictures and show you!

The girls had their friends over this weekend. The girls who live 3 hours away. They had a great time, short and sweet. Rowan is an introvert and as much as she loves her best friend, I know that too long a visit and she starts to feel overwhelmed and tired. I do too.. J, however, can go for weeks and other than the “we can’t find anything to play”, their time together goes fairly smoothly – just fairly – we’ve certainly had our moments.

We held J’s “official” friend party on Friday – A few friends, homemade pizza, fresh fruit. What more could you ask for? (sorry this picture seems to be missing also). Saturday was the mall. Funny – we only seem to really go to the mall when these girls are here 🙂 Oh well. That’s what they wanted to do so that’s what we did.

Today is Monday – another beginning of a week of school, barn work, dance lessons, riding lessons and school.  It’s almost May and in 4? short weeks Camps start at our barn! I can’t believe how the time flies. Rowan is saving up to buy another horse and Jaia wants Saige – the American Girl.

Me? I would love a week off 🙂

Bright Blessings and Happy Monday!