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So last week we decided to try zen-tangling.  If you haven’t tried it  – you should!  It’s fun, calming and really enjoyable.  Both of my girls really got involved in doing it and J carried around a notebook and marker all weekend.

I had heard about it from someone – don’t remember who – online or something. There are, of course, kits you can buy , but I just went ahead and made my own.   First I googled it to find out exactly what it was. And really   – it’s doodling in a fun way.   Then I searched you tube for videos.  Loved those!  Great to see how others zentangle…   I cut 4 inch squares and some rectangles. You divide the paper with wavy lines – and then with in each wavy space made by those lines  you  – well – you doodle. Dots, wavy lines, squares, circles, spirals etc.. what ever you want. But each little space is a different doodle.  We didn’t have fancy pens – we just used markers. And it worked for us.

J’s zentangle – not really zen-tangling,  but this is how she did it so Go Girlie!  She doodle on the whole page.

R’s colorful zentangle.  Mine is in the for front – All black with one red space.

Other than that – It rained here. Errands on Saturday while I worked my very last Saturday ever at the Library. And Sunday – Rain. Although the girls had spent the night with my mom/ their grandmother Saturday evening, and it was lovely waking up to the house all to myself for a change.

These flowers were from my going away “party” at the Library.  I’m very excited to be a stay-at-home momma full time again. And I only worked 16 hours a week. But still, it will be different. I’m going to enjoy every minute of stay at home again!
Bright Blessings


Every  Monday and Wednesday we go to Avalon Horse Farm in Millstadt Illinois to play.  We clean stalls, we – well R and J – get to ride.  R rides her horse Jonah or the pony Lucky. J rides whoever is available at the barn.

Today though  – is somewhat bitter sweet. Our first pony Lucky – is going to a new home. We’ve had him for 3 years and R has learned so much from him. From completely reworking him from the ground up because of  “burn out”. To just learning how to deal with “pony attitude” –  stubbornness and sometimes unwillingness to do what was asked.  We decide to re-home him because R really would like to learn English riding ,  jumping, Dressage etc.. and Lucky – well, he was just not the one. He is, and always will be a trail pony at heart. I didn’t want to fight him and if we continued pushing him in that direction, we really we would  just make him unhappy.

Unhappy ponies make unhappy owners who have “bad” ponies.  We are not keeping him simply because we can’t give him the time and attention he needs.  And honestly, paying for 2 horses is …  well.. I work a lot.

We found a good home for him – upon recommendation from another boarder at Avalon – and today he goes.  He’ll be worked, loved and given lots of attention.  Something we have not been able to do in the past couple of months.  We’ll miss him greatly, but also realize that what we’re doing – we’re doing for Lucky.

Bye cutie.

Bright Blessings.

So I’ve been busy here working on a couple of different projects. AND we started school last week – which has been keeping us busy, busy 🙂

I’ve been busy bringing Olivia to life…

Here she is all pinned together – and I’ve hand stitched the wings on.

Here she is – eyes on, buttons on, beak on and I’ve started sewing her front and back together!  I should be done in a day or so. Then I can stuff her and plan my toy drop!

Other things we’ve been doing this week –

School work – here she’s copying a poem called “The Caterpillar” – – narration and copy work are part of her home school lessons.

Working on ribbons for this group:

Which I’m actually a member of but have not been able to do anything with for the past year due to work.  Maybe that will be able to change now that I’ll be home again!

Last but not least – I found a really cool blender at our local thrift store – It has a glass! blender jar!

Please, please, please, please  – ignore the mess in the background!  I was in a rush 🙂

School and park days with our homeschooling group today!

Bright Blessings.

Well – I started work on the toy I’m making for my “drop”.  I’ve decide I’m going to make an owlet  – named Olivia – for my drop.  I had originally planned to sew her with my machine – but she’s quickly becoming handmade – I think she’s lovely.  Take a look …

Laying her out – seeing how she’ll look..

Picking out thread colors – kinda freaky with out her eyes – don’t’ch’a think ?

More tomorrow – we’re starting school today!

Bright Blessings!

Well – I am so excited!  For the past 4 +/- years, I’ve been working part time at one of our local libraries.  I’m a clerk and I re – shelve all the books that patrons check out and return.  I’ve had a great time working there – I’ve met some great people and made a few friends. And the extra money I brought in was extremely helpful.  It was my first job after being a stay at home momma for several years.  J was 4 when I started and now she’s 8.  It was the best job for a fresh new re-introduction into the workforce. VERY laid back and I often listen to my shuffle as I shelve.

The hours were okay – only 16 hours a week.  Two evenings  a week but the hardest shift was the 8 hour shift on Saturdays.  For 4 years I’ve felt that  I’ve missed everything that goes on on Saturdays. I’ve always felt rushed during the week on the days that I’ve had to work. Leaving early  where ever we were so I can get home, eat, dress and have a bit of down time before I rushed out the door. Or trying to squeeze in meaningful school work.   So between going to the barn, homeschooling  and work.. trying to fit other things into our schedule always made me a bit frazzled.  Not to mention housework, yard work and crafting.

BUT I’m so excited that my husband has accepted a job offer that makes it possible for me to became a full time stay at home momma again!   I’m feeling the calmness return.  I feel like now I’ll have the time and energy to devote to house work , crafting AND school. I am so excited!  I have grand plans and now I need to stop procrastinating 🙂

I have also joined this group  –

(Why this doesn’t show up as a link I’m not sure – so many things for me to learn!)

Why?  Looks like fun!  I can make a toy and leave it for someone to find – Kind of like Oestara (or Easter) and Yule.   I can imagine what fun it would be to find a toy that someone lovingly made!  How exciting.

So I’ve decide to make a cute plushie – A little owlet I’ll call – Hmm – what should I call her?? – for definitely “it” will be a “she”. So far I have the body cut out. She’ll be simple design – wings, beak, eyes all need to be added.

First I’d made a pattern using the tracing fabric I had – a simple outline  ..

I’m using a lovely piece of wool blend felt I had. Just enough for a small, hand size owlet.   I pinned the pattern on the felt an cut. Easy Peasy.

More pics to come as I work towards finishing the owlett!

I leave you with a picture from our trip to the zoo last week –

This beautiful creature came with in 3 feet of us. I could have reached over the barrier and touched his/her silky nose.  She just needed to bend forward slightly – (Not that I would have , mind you,  just wanted to give perspective. )


Bright Blessings!