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And there is finally a camera on the way!  I finally broke down and decided to buy a better camera. Certainly not the best or one uber fancy camera. But one decent enough for a beginning blogger.  It should be here in another day or so – just in time. Actually, my 8 year old just brought me a box!  I’m so excited. I have so many projects in the works for christmas/Yule and now I’ll be able to take pictures.

Bright Blessings!


So, my camera is still dead, and I haven’t had the guts to just go buy another one since christmas/Yule is creeping up on us at an alarming rate!  I think I’m going to borrow my 8 year olds until I can get one of my own.  If I can find it that is……. I sound like such a kid!

We’ve been busy around here though. Mostly with horse related stuffs. Wow! I never thought when R started this adventure with her aunt that we would now own a horse, be members of Pony Club (well R anyway) and take lessons. Still can’t always wrap my head around it. Gone are the easy, laid back days of doing not a whole lot of anything..

Oh well, it is what it is and I’m glad that I can provide these experiences for my girls.

Yule/christmas planning is well under way here. Years ago I found this saying.

Something you want

Something you need

Something momma made

and something to read.

I discovered it on a blog and I’m sorry I don’t know who’s blog it was! My apologies!

This is the mantra I’ve been using for the past couple of years when I go preparing for the the girls presents. It really helps them to narrow down the one or two things they really want. This year J wants an American Girl doll for her want – so that’s what she’s getting. Her need – wool socks and underwarmers for the barn again. For the something I make – matching dresses for her and her American Girl doll. I’ll have to make 3 out fits though – one for her and 2 for 18 inch dolls. Her grandmother got her one last year too.   Her reads are simple – Judy Moody.

R’s need are a bit more complicated this year. She’s 13 – nary a play mobile on her wish list at all!  Jewelry is what she wants and jewelry with horses on it.   So that and maybe a few other small things will make her “want” list. A pony club sweat shirt and a quill pen and ink, since she’s constantly wanting to make one.  Her need – a new saddle pad for the horse.  I know.  Her made by momma – She actually has a pattern out for me to make her this year – McCall’s  6159. View B made out of flannel with matching leggings. This girl knows what she wants!  Her read will be an Amazon gift card. My MIL is getting her the NOOK – Which I’m leery about (but that girl reads constantly!!)  and well   – she is 13! after all.  But the NOOK means she’ll need a way of buying some books to go on it. This is my only contention with it – you STILL have to be able to buy the reading material!   Better a NOOK though than a game for the Wii or DS right?

And really  – I always sneak and extra present or two in there!  After all – I’m mom right?

Hope you all are doing well and you’re holiday preparations are coming along smoothly!  When I locate a camera I’ll take pictures of works in progress – of which I’ve started none!

Bright Blessings!


I am so, so sorry!  Here I am, just getting the feel of posting regularly, enjoying being able to post the crafts that the girls and I make and our home school adventures and my camera goes and dies.  I’m not quite sure what’s going on with it.. It’s just a point and shoot camera but every time I turn it on it instantly shuts off.  It may be the battery, it may need replacing completely. Please bear with me while I figure it out.

What have we done since Halloween you ask?  Well let’s see…  We’ve gotten stitches taken out of fingers, done school work, worked at the barn, the weather went from 70 degrees to about 55 degrees overnight.   J  came down with a cold last Wednesday and is still fighting off the cough. And R rode horses.

I participated in a dinner/craft swap.  I made a wrist-let out of owl material, lined with gorgeous purple corduroy.  I wish, wish, wish I had pictures of that.  Then I made myself a clutch .  That I’ll be able to post pictures of as soon as my camera is repaired or a replacement bought.  My Owlivia is finished. I just don’t want to make the big “drop” with out taking pictures.

Let’s see …. At least ONE  thing I’ve done the past month or so when I still had a camera that worked.

I felted these sweaters to make christmas/yule trees. I did NOT realize that they were not 100% wool though so we’ll see how the trees work out.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Bright Blessings!




Well – we spent Halloween with friends this year!  First year we’ve ever not trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood.  Let me tell ya – it’s a LOT more fun when you go with friends.

I “forced” my eldest to go out for once with HER friends – that’s how much of a shy introvert she is. (sometimes I worry) But last night I finally said to the 10th “I’m not sure if I want to go ” and the 100th  – “I don’t want to trick or treat” – Just GO with your friends. I don’t care if you don’t get candy or dress up or go door to door – just go have fun with your friends!  And you know what? She did,  and she dressed up (Frenchman) and she had a great time!  And she came back with loads of candy.  So totally it was worth me being a mean mommy and not letting her stay at home bummed on Halloween.

This was J’s finished dress. She wore it with stripy black and purple socks, a witch’s hat and a cape made for Renaissance years ago.  And she carried a black cat “bucket”. Totally perfect.  I swear though – put a black dress on and automatically you’re a Witch.

Complete outfit!

R on our horse Jonah for the Avalon Halloween/Anniversary party.  They were French painters.  If you look closely you can actually see the black mustache that R painted on him.

J made Jasmine, the pony of Avalon, a Dalmatian. Complete with collar and name tag. J of course was the fire woman. Won 2nd place in the costume contest she did.

Sorry this picture is fuzzy!  This is J during dance. It was “watch week” and Halloween week – so she got to wear her costume to dance. You can somewhat see the apron I made to go along with the costume and she’s wearing a knitted snood.

Out of the rest of the black fabric I bought for J’s dress, I made a table runner for Halloween.

What else – Oh yes – candy haul..

Each girlie of mine put their candy in a bag. Labeled it, put various warnings on it and put it in the candy box.  I put my foot down at them keeping it in their rooms. Because I some don’t believe the – I promise I won’t eat ANY with out permission statements before slinking off to hide it in closets!

Now we do have a fairy that lives in our yard that just LOVES all that hard, sugary, red #40 candy that mean momma just won’t let them gorge on – so after a day or so of getting to enjoy their haul – the rest (minus the chocolate) goes out to the fairy.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Bright Blessings!