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So last week I tried the project where you melt plastic bags together with an iron ….  Yeah.   I messed up somewhere.

plastic bags on my ironing board

Covered in parchment paper

Half way through

What you can’t see, is that on the other side the plastic is gaping and not really fusing together..


So – I don’t know if you can see here – but the fused plastic bags look and feel more like hard plastic.  Nothing that can be folded or sewn in any way shape or form.  Methinks I messed up somewhere.  Maybe my iron was too hot?   I really have no idea.  I will try it again soon, but I had to restock my supply of plastic bags since I take them up to the recycle bins when I have enough…

I sent this poor, pathetic thingy outside with my 7 year old.  She put it to good use with her mud pies 🙂

Bright Blessings



Remember that sew along?  The one where I was making a  vintage  style dress?  The one where I chose to do a size 10 with out making a muslin?  Yeah – that one!  Well – dress is coming along beautifully.  There were a few things I did that I should have paid attention to the directions for 🙂  Like… I completely made the skirt before attaching it to the bodice.  The directions have you sewing the front and back separate and THEN attaching it to the front and back of the bodice respectively.   This is so that you  are able to place and insert  the zipper properly.   Well – not me!  I realized that AFTER I had sewed and serged all the pieces of the skirt together.  I guess I will plod along and try and assemble it the way I’ve started….

And after all that work – I hope to be able to wear it – Because I’m thinking the size 10 just MIGHT be too small – yep.  Too Small.  Now, usually I buy jeans or a skirt and a size 10 is actually slightly too big.  8 too small – 10 too big. So I thought I was relatively safe choosing to skip that whole sizing/muslin process.  nope.  FYI – NEVER SKIP THIS STEP.

I tried the skirt on – could barely fit it over my hips.   I will continue to finish my dress – but alas – It may just have a home in my closet. But I will make another – yes I will.

Pictures of this process – nope. Because I misplaced my camera for about a week – It was in the van – the vehicle I never drive. And instead of waiting to sew while I tore the house apart looking – I decided to start with out documenting.  I will take some pictures of my work in progress so far and post them next week.

Other things we’ve done this week – well – with one girl sick with a cold and the car dead in the driveway – we’ve been at home – all week – stuck. Yes – I love being at home with my girls – but I couldn’t even drive to the fabric store to buy supplies!

We’ve made cookies, homemade chicken noodle soup – noodles and all. School work – reading the Constitution. Phonics Pathways.  We watched Singing in the Rain and Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.  Go Fish.

the dog found a skunk in our back yard

Staining water color paper with tea to make "parchment" to write the Bill of Rights on

Have a great day!  Bright Blessings