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A week or so ago I went to one of our local craft stores and bought several different size canvases. Nothing fancy. I just wanted some homemade art work to fancy up our very plain mantle.

So last week – the girls went to work.

The beginning of R’s painting.

J was going to make a painting of swirls and dots. But decided she did not like how her picture was ending up.

So J decided to squirt a lot of paint on her canvas and have at it finger painting.

R worked very hard to get the orange – yellow color of the hay bales JUST right.  And there’s the harvest moon up in the corner.

R’s almost complete painting.  Three bales of hay in the moonlight during the harvest moon.

J’s ended up smearing and finger painting away and put a smiley face of buttons on it.  I”ll take pictures when it’s completely dry and both pictures are on my mantle.

Bright Blessings!


Well – what was yesterday – Tuesday.

I got my hair cut!  My first every curly hair cut. I absolutely love it.

We wrote letters to friends who’ve moved about 2 hours away   – Just far enough that the girls don’t get to see them very often.

And earlier in the week I received our package from

We received a new scissor – which is only to be used for school work and NOT to be taken from the  kitchen where we “do” school. Last year we had 4 or 5 scissors – Now they’ve gone missing I have no idea where they went.  I thought I saw one outside last week though.  So, these are school only scissors.  I bought new markers and colored pencils.

The tablets are spelling tablets. Just enough paper for a spelling “test” so we’re not using copious amounts of paper to write lists of words.  We don’t really do tests so I’m using the lists just to cement the spelling in little brains!   I usually don’t incorporate a spelling curriculum into our school year, but my eldest is not a very strong speller and I thought a 13 we should start.

The little coupon booklet is for my 8 year old who is learning how to read, but she’s going about it at her own pace.   This is just to provide incentive for reading on her own.  She much prefers to have books read to her and listen to books on cd. Which we will NOT stop doing – ever. But there comes a time when reading on your own  becomes more necessary.  Don’t worry, I’m not pushing the issue, I’m letting her develop at her own pace.   Anyway,  each coupon is for one book read, or one article read and on the back they get rewards so …. a new flashlight for later night reading,  one extra chapter read out loud by momma, personalized name plates for her books etc…   I’m hoping it will just boost interest in independent reading.

Today we’re off to Avalon Horse Farm!

Bright Blessings…


Well – it’s Monday again and another uneventful weekend has passed us buy.

We did nothing of sustenance over the weekend. Saturdays I work  and Sunday my 13 year old and I went shopping for bras and then art supplies and groceries.

Monday bring to us – working at the barn and working at the Library.  This week we’re also planning a trip to the St. Louis Zoo.  They have stingrays and sharks that you can pet !  I also have a hair appointment for myself for a change.  I have curly hair and usually just use the hair dresser my girls use.  Well – She either wets it or just combs it out and then cuts it.  Apparently you’re not supposed to do that with curly hair.  Who woulda known?  So I go for my very first curly hair specialist hair cut.  I’m so excited!

School for the  girls will start the first week of September.  I’ve ordered and received most of their school books.  Science for both – Biology for J and Chemistry for R.   Algebra, fractions, decimals, and geometry for R. Addition and Subtraction for J.

History will be “living history books”.. Books about real people – like diaries.  Spelling for both. Grammar, handwriting etc..   I am very excited about school starting for us. The girls not so much. But who is ever excited about school – even if you’re home schooled?    We’re also incorporating Irish dance lessons, riding lessons, Pony Club  and home-school classes with the co-op.   Not to mention play groups!  And J still wants to take piano lessons!  And art!  We love art and I’ve ordered some supplies through here :

We haven’t received them yet but they’re on their way!  Can’t wait.

We’re going to use Rip the Pages by Karen Benke and also  Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Kim Solga this year.

Wow –  I always worry that we’re not doing enough – to see it all written down – me thinks we might be doing too much!  We’ll see though. It always seems to work.

I have no new pictures so I leave you a picture of my oldest Rowan, on our girls only trip to Kansas City.  At the zoo Lorikeet feeding one of them decided to sit on her head!

Bright Blessings!

Last week while working at the library I discovered This Book :  Baking Majic by Kate Shirazi. It’s chocked full of delicious, easy deserts.

And I decided that I needed, really needed to make something from this book . Yep.  Everything looked fantastic!

So I went through and picked out

Carrot cupcakes with honey orange cream cheese frosting – Page 30

I measured and sifted ….


I mixed …


And voila!  cupcakes! I think I put too much batter in each well –

I made the icing and iced them too..

These were yummy!   These were NOT the I’ll only eat one type of cupcakes.  NOPE – these were the I’ll  eat just one , then I’ll eat another because they’re so yummy !

Hmm – what shall we try next?

Bright Blessings!



Well – now that camps are over I hope to get back into the swing of things and sew, bake , craft and start school.

These past weeks were spent relaxing. A much needed break.  We did a lot of nothing. We went to 6 Flags.  Advanced Camp for R.  And nothing.  Did I say that already?  We really needed it!  School for us will start the first week in September. We’ve ordered our supplies, science, spelling, math etc.. and bought our notebooks.   I can’t wait 🙂  I think I’m more excited than the girls!  Our goal for J this year is reading.  She’s having a slightly harder time picking it up than R. did.  I really contribute that to her premature birth.  But we’re working with it and not making a huge deal of it. I know that it will come in time.  We’re using a mixture of Phonics Pathways – worksheets, because J likes them, and just reading from easy readers.  Slowly but surely I see things connect in her head.

Last week J wanted to do an “experiment” – with flour, water and food coloring.  Go for it I said.  I try to keep a bag of “cheepie” flour around for making play doh and mixing..  I keep the better, unbleached flour for baking.


After she mixed and mixed, J spread it out on a piece of foil and stuck it in the sun..  I’m not quite sure what happened to it after that but later that night I found it in her trash can in her bedroom – yuck!  But it’s all about the activity – is it not?  She had a blast mixing and adding food coloring (which I keep on had for crafts, I never put it in my food).

Looks like someone used my camera to take pictures of their Play Mobile set up ..

I’m usually an anti-plastic person. We got rid of all the plastic play food and large noisy toys when the girls were younger.  We have wooden barns and castles, kitchen sets and food.  But play mobile I couldn’t say NO to.. they’re just too open ended.  So many ways to play and the imagination they use when they play with them. Hard to say no to that.
And last …………


R on Jonah during the last day of Advanced Camp “show”.. She learned how to jump this week.  Two feet!  Way to keep her momma on her toes!


Bright blessings – Have a great day!