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I kid you not – I had a 40 hour work week with just driving my girls around and getting errands done this past week. Between private dance, riding lessons, grocery shopping, homeschool classes  –  there was not one day that we were home for an entire day and those days we WERE home – it was not for more than 45 minutes. Whew! That week is finished though and this week is proving to me much, much, calmer. And then camps start next week which of course,  is the start of a very busy summer. We also have a few feis planned for J this summer (Irish Dancing competition) – One in Branson Missouri, Kansas City Mo and of course those here in St. Louis.  It’s a wonder I’m still sane sometimes!




Last week? Week before last? Was teacher appreciation week. Every year a wonderful mom arranges for a surprise for J’s dance teacher. Last year each child brought one flower for MJ and by the end of the week there were 5 + vases  filled with flowers. This year is was simply – Let’s not forget! These are her favorite things……. (with a list). So J and I ignored the list for the most part and made her a salve for bruises and small cuts. Lavender, nettle and calendula went into the salve.


Here’s the oil after the herbs steeped and were strained.



Small container of the salve for us  –

We also made her some bath salts –



Lavender of course – for relaxing. I also made an eye pillow and then we added a box of tea and  a bar of chocolate to the goodie bag.

Row has one more Algebra class this Thursday to make up for a snow day in March I think!  We’ll be doing some clothes shopping for  my teen this week also.  Other things I need to accomplish – figuring out lunches for a week of camp – turning in a violin, exchanging a viola and I honestly believe that may be all I need to do! Whew! So glad this week is going to be a lighter week than last. I don’t know what I would have done if this week had been my crazy week 🙂

We ended our crazy week with the first bonfire of the summer in my mother’s day present! A new fire pit!


Today is Monday which of course, means off to the barn again 🙂  What would we do with out that place?

Bright Blessings!