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Some things that have been going on in our constantly busy lives…

J's "pixie" haircut

I argued with this girlie for months about doing this with her hair!  It finally got to the point where dirty hands + growing out bangs DO NOT MIX and momma was getting tired of the icky-ness. Also the constant losing of rubber bands and barrettes because they never stayed in her hair was getting frustrating.

Woodhenge at Cahokia Mounds

Beating the carpets that I keep on the back seat of the car.

Abe Lincoln's home - Springfield Illinois

Capital - Jefferson City Missouri

New table - found at a thrift shop somewhere between St. Louis and Jeff City, lamp found at a local consignment shop and pillow I covered with that cute owl material I found locally at a fabric shop, figurine was a Yule present from my hubbie and the dish was my grandparents - it had always been filled with candy.

Bright Blessings!


Well, we had an obnoxiously busy week last week. So much didn’t get done, like crafting, while so much other stuff got done.

Mondays we always go to our barn. We’re helping to clean stalls – fun, fun!  But what was supposed to be a quick morning grew because when you’re at the barn you have to talk to everyone!  The people at our barn are fantastic – So long story short – Not so short morning at our barn. And in the evening I worked.

Steering Committee meeting and home school meeting Tuesday morning/afternoon. Steering Committee plans and organizes various parties for our group  – or delegates those to others. We make sure meeting places are arranged etc….  I also had a meeting for our Living History Time Travelers Ball.

Wednesday – back to the barn. Our normal day which helps to cover board for our pony.

Thursday dance! Yeah! J is so excited about her dance teacher and studio. A former Home-schoolee herself, she knows girls and knows homeschoolers.  Again – work in the evening.

Friday – Road trip to Springfield Il.  WE saw the Dana Thomas house.  It’s a gorgeous house – and we would have loved to spend more time there, but our tour guide kept “prompting” us to keep up. No dawdling there! And really, there were just enough of us in our group that it did take us a few minutes to move through the house.

AND THEN,  the girls were invited to a birthday/sleepover party at some friends house. In Jefferson City. We live in St. Louis MO. So off on another quick road trip to see some very good friends – After working a 1/2 day on Saturday and leaving work early.                             R and J had met the girls last year in our St. Louis Homeschool group and quickly formed a bond. And then unfortunately  we found out they had to move back to Jeff City .  Literally, everyday J talks about her friend M and wants her to come over, spend the night, etc… So I jumped at the chance to take the girls to see their friends.  I drove them and had a lovely mini mom vacation while they had a blast with their friends.  Spent the night in a hotel, ate out, read my book, wandered around the capitol for a while. It was a very nice weekend.

This week, thankfully!, is very much more NORMAL! (and we’re back to the barn since it’s monday)

Bright Blessings!

Why Covered in Roses you ask? Simple really. My middle name is Rose, my mother’s name is Rose and my Grandmother’s name was Rose.   I have very few memories of my Grandmother, she passed when I was about 1o or 11. I remember big hats, slips, and simple dresses. I remember her kitchen, her screened in back porch, and the way the three trees in their back yard were set up perfectly to allow me to create a “house” in the center of them.  I remember dashing up their steps to the second floor because there was something there that made me feel a bit goose bumpy. I also remember their basement – the cold, damp cellar basement with those far back corners I never wanted to go it.  I remember the playhouse in the back yard and bbq’s where we would play badminton and my Grandfather would grill chicken.

So Covered in Roses is a way for me to connect with that Grandmother that I have very (few) memories of.

Bright Blessings!

My youngest and  I hit a couple of thrift stores over the weekend. I always go stating that I’m NOT buying any extras, because we don’t need them, (Really my hubbie nags:) ,that we’re only going for clothes for growing girls. I don’t do for many nic-nacky things. I look for vintage material, sewing notions, and oh I’m a sucker for shoes and tea pots!!

Really – where I’m going to wear such cute shoes – I have NO idea!  I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mama,  who works part, part time shelving books at a library.  The BEST job for a homeschooling mama. Guess I’m just going to have to wear them around the house.

We did also walk  away with quite a few pairs of jeans for my 12 year old. Who’s twig skinny and petite for her age. And of course, my youngest, J, always takes it personally when she cannot find ANYTHING to buy at the thrift store. It’s very hard to impress on a 7 year old that you don’t have to buy everything each time we walk into the store!  So hard to understand.   But, alas, this time she did 🙂

Bright blessings!

So the second part of the toy are the pieces that make up the tic-tac-to part.

First I made fimo dough rounds and flattened them.

Tried painting them with some water color paints.

And baked them in the oven 🙂

Finished game!  I may have to make another for us!


A note to add to this. I mod-podged these little game pieces and now they’re sticky. So I need to get on the ball and make something different.

I joined the Toy Society! I thought that would be such a fun thing for me to do!

So, my project, (and I hope this counts as a toy)………

I went through my scrap box (large purple storage tote) and found this.

And I cut and placed and sewed until I came up with this

I sewed, turned and top-stitched.

Which brings me to my almost finished toy 🙂

But,  alas, I’m not finished. Part 2 tomorrow.

Bright Blessings.