Last Thursday while Row was in class, Jaia and I managed to visit the store I’ve been wanting to go to for months! It’s called “the Up-cycle Exchange”  and basically they have a pay as you want re-purposed craft item store – I didn’t get any pictures of the store because we were the only 2 in there and I feel odd when I stand around snapping pictures 🙂 – but I did walk away with a few pieces of vintage fabric (vintage fabric is pre-priced)


Cute fabric – and an awesome cigar box I only paid $3.00 for! It is a wooden box too which was a fantastic find since I had just read an article in a recycle craft magazine about up-cycling cigar boxes into memory boxes.  They had a wall of fabric pieces!! None of them were whole pieces though – just remnants from other peoples projects. They had wine bottles, corks, zippers, buttons. Anything you could think of they had. We had fun and will probably head back there again to see what they have.


Close up of the fabric on the left – It’s really a curtain panel but I think I’m going to turn it into a lunch bag or simple handle bag..Or a zipper pouch.  I really just liked the muted colors.

After,  we walked across the street to a cafe  – I had really wanted a coffee and I thought the cafe was a coffee bar type place. But nope –  We ate lunch there instead –

upcycle exchange, thrift store, art studio 002Steak  for Jaia-

upcycle exchange, thrift store, art studio 003Salmon for me. It was delicious!

Next! -Studio time for Jaia – Months ago I had purchased a groupon for J for an art studio called the  South Broadway Art Project. You can take classes there but I mainly wanted open studio hours for us to play. They have clay, painting or sewing.

Jaia has been working on a scarf.

upcycle exchange, thrift store, art studio 006

Basically it’s a strip of denim that they are painting on and then they will hand embroider areas to make them pop. I think I would have preferred J pick the painting or pottery to work on at the studio since I sew at home but she did not 🙂 Oh well! She’s enjoying herself but I think we’ll revisit this option next school year to see if it’s worth the cost.

Today is a “relaxing” day at home – after we hit the fabric store for Rowan’s project, run to the meat market for dinner and run to the grocery store for sides, AND  hit the post office  🙂 Relaxing.

Bright Blessings!