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Since the girls have come home from their friends, we’ve not accomplished a whole lot of anything!  We went to see the show Cavalia – Fantastic! and if you ever have a chance to go – GO!

That was Tuesday night – Wednesday  – back to the barn and Thursday we did some science experiments – Gotta get back into the swing of school !

Rowan made her own candle wick from fabric scraps.

Then she lit it on fire!

She then made some bubbling brown, green goo that bubbled over the test tube.

And that was about it. Totally laid back morning. We did hit the thrift store after school  – the girls are in serious need of summer clothes and off to Avalon for  a Pony Club study group.  Really we needed to have a laid back, not so crazy day.

What is your weekend shaping up to hold?  I hope to get some seeds planted in our raised bed garden!

I’m going to plant a lot of herbs this year I think!

Bright Blessings


Saturday we did absolutely nothing. Other than going for ice-cream, but not a thing beyond that. Sometimes we need those days to keep us sane – yes? I know I do.  Oh I vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen  – but we won’t talk about that.

Sunday we got up early to take the girls to visit some friends who live about 2 1/2 hours away. They’re fantastic girls and although it is extremely odd for me to drop them off 2 1/2 hours away and then come home – it’s totally worth it.  They mesh, connect, click…

This time around, my husband drove – so I took pictures  – something I’ve  want to do each time I go, but am never able since it’s usually me driving the girls.  So.. the scenic route.


Tomorrow I’m driving back alone to pick them up.

Today? With out girls? well – I’m getting my “curly girl hair cut” and  maybe I’ll hit a thrift store or two. We’ll see.

Bright Blessings!

So, since I’m constantly talking about “the barn” where we go spend a lot of our time, I thought today I would show you Avalon.

Jasmine the pony

Sophie Dog

Indoor riding arena

Chicken coop, sans chickens currently

Cross country jump course

The goats

That  guy in the middle? He’s ours – Jonah.

We were there for a good 2 to 3 hours yesterday before anyone else showed up. It was windy, peaceful, quiet and after I finished cleaning stalls I sat for a good hour reading! and enjoying the silence.  There’s more still to Avalon – oh so much more!

Bright Blessings!

Well, yesterday/Tuesday was our 13th wedding anniversary, so my husband and I left the girls with my MIL and went out to dinner.  We went to a local restaurant called Mojos Tapas.  It. Was. Delicious!

At first I didn’t really get the concept of tapas – but  I rather like it – small plates of several different dishes to share – rather than one large dish – although they do have Entres there.

We started out with Mojitos – yum! And then tried a couple of different tapas – Roasted sausages, seared ahi tuna, beer battered grouper – But I think my Favorite was the spinach, feta, artichoke spanakopita –  I think I’m going to need to recreate this at home!  The exotic mushroom, feta, arugula flat bread with truffle oil came in a very, very close second!

We will definitely be going back again – sans girls – to enjoy more of the delicious tapas.

Yesterday was also spent getting a little schoolwork accomplished – little being the key word – but it’s extremely hard to work when the only girl on the block is off of school for spring break. Much better to foster friendships and be outside than wallowing over math don’t’ch’a think?

This “I”m bored” list was discovered yesterday.  I think I found it on pinterest  – I think  –  and it’s from They have a few other list I can see that I need to print up!

I love it this list – Jaia is the one more likely to come say that she’s bored.  So now I can tell her to pull a slip from the jar and get to work!  There’s a blank page for filling in our own ideas so – any good ideas??

Jaia started right away making the sock puppets!

Today is Wednesday -so back to the barn we go. Although the sky is dark and does not look promising!  Keep you fingers crossed that we have a dry day. Until this evening anyway – I love a good storm..

Bright Blessings!


Our weekend started out crazy busy and ended on a lovely lazy note. Saturday, Jaia and I went completely out of our comfort zone and box and walked in the St. Louis St Patrick’s day parade downtown with her Irish Dancing school. It was a blast!  We ended up sitting on the benches on the float – with the mostly girls and 2 boys who were dancing as the float went down the street.  Good thing too – I was starting to get blisters!

Through out the morning were thunderstorm and hail storm watches and warnings, so an emergency plan was put into place – basically stopping the float and getting ALL the kids under the flat bed!  Luckily – thankfully – the storm held off until the last float pulled into the parking lot to dismantle. We were towards the end – 3rd or 4th from last.  Literally, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot the clouds rolled in darker and more ominous looking.  The group of moms and kids walked over to the restaurant where the after party was being held and the dads headed off to the ware house to tear apart the float.

We had dinner at the restaurant, bar food, the kids put on an impromtu demonstration and the dads held a “Daddy Dance- off”!  So much fun!  We had a blast and we are grateful to be apart of such a fun dance family.

I went camera less for the day. I wasn’t too sure of what was going to happen and since I don’t have a carrying case yet…

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. My husband and I went grocery shopping and the rest of the day was laying around, periodically playing on the WII, reading and cleaning of bedrooms.

Jaia wanted to make sugar cookies and found a recipe –

She did most of it by hand!  Until I finally said – nope – into the mixer it goes!  How lazy I’ve become 🙂

She patted it, wrapped it, chilled it and rolled it out all on her own.

We ended up with some very delicious cookies!

Rowan made dinner. The girls had the task this fortnight – of finding a recipe or creating a dish for dinner. They are/were to make as much of it as they can (with help) and cook dinner for the family.   Jaia has chosen a spicy beef dinner and Rowan chose meat on a stick. Other wise known as shish-kabob.

She chose what she wanted on them -beef stew meat, (grass-fed, free range and organic) zucchini and crimini mushrooms – we also added onions. Then they sat in marinade for a couple of hours.  Rowan made mashed cauliflower (with some potatoes) as the side and I tossed together a huge salad.  Wine rounded out the meal for the adults – water for the girls. It was delicious. I think I’m ready to hand over the dinner reigns any time the girls want to take over!

We’re off to the barn today – It IS Monday after all – Wish I had someone to cook dinner tonight:)

Bright Blessings!

Yesterday was our day at the barn – Beautiful day! The high was predicted to be 84*!   We left home early to get to the barn early.  We needed to clean our stalls and then run to Rowan’s art class about 30 minutes away. While Rowan was finger painting, Jaia and I wandered around the town’s main street. There were thrift stores, antiques stores, metaphysical stores and a spice and tea shoppe.  We hit the spice and tea shop first where I promptly bought 3 different types of bulk tea and a couple of baggies of spices. I’ve been hearing good things about turmeric and it’s been one I’ve been wanting to try, so I bought a small baggie of that, and cinnamon.  We quickly ran out of time – so I think I’ll be heading back that way soon to browse some more.  The last store we were in, J and I had to make a dash through. Had to get back in time to pick Rowan up from her class.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at the barn. Playing, learning and getting work finished.  We did not leave the barn until 7:00!  The long summer days at the barn are starting!

I’ve  ALSO  been working on more small goodie bags.

Only one of these cuties is lined so far.  The white with mushrooms – so that gives you an idea of what they’ll look like when I’m finished. I think I’m just going to use muslin or something simple to line them with. That way nothing takes away from the cute pattern on the front.

Today I’ve been instructed to make a circle skirt 🙂 I’d better get to work!

Bright Blessings!

I have more craft ideas in the works – I think it’s the spring air. The plants popping up, the birds singing outside my window. Loudly.  I think the re-awakening of the earth is stimulating my creative spirit. Well – I hope anyway.

I started making some note cards – just simple cards really.  A month or so back, I went to my local big box store and looked for a card to send to my dad for his birthday. Nothing, nada, zilch. They were all so ugly or distasteful, or just plain rude. Some of them actually had lovely verses but if you’re going to buy a card with such a lovely verse, why not write it yourself?  I would certainly think the sentiment would mean MORE if you were writing it personally than if you bought a pre printed card – right?

I took this lovely old book, and I cut it up! Yes, I know, sacrilegious  – and I took some simple water color paper cards and I started glueing.

One sheet from the book folded over the top of the card so it folds down the back and – viola! simple notecards. My favorites are the 2 in the front, from an old Flintstones flip book.  These were the only two pages I had remaining of the book – I think in my thrift store and junk shop searches I’ll be looking for more of these books. They made cute,  fun cards.  I have a whole pile of Little Golden books I brought out – but I really did not have the heart to start cutting those up. I think I’ll start looking for damaged ones while I’m thrifting also.

Yesterday Jaia started working on division in math for school.  She was excited to start something new – not boring old addition and subtraction like we’ve been working on.

And Rowan put the presidents in order. Which lead to research on republican and democratic presidents, which of course is leading up to this years presidential candidates and election. Wonderful the way homeschooling works huh?

(tissues for the runny nose).

Today is going to be gorgeous out side!  I’m planning on getting the girls out doing yard work today. I’ve got to decide what I’m putting in my garden spot and hopefully I’ll get the front spot picked out.

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings!

Jaia caught the gardening bug already this year!  I tried talking her into waiting just a FEW more weeks until it was 100% positive that there wouldn’t be any weird last minute winter freeze like there usually is in the mid west – but no good.

She was out there Friday afternoon – digging and planting away, planning her fairy garden plot. Even made a sign for it.  Gonna have to replace that though – rained here on Sunday. Like how she spelt fairy? Too cute – phonetic spelling at it’s best.

Saturday the girls and I went to an awesome craft show – The Green with Indie show.  I bought some hand made soap – love handmade soap! and some wool roving for needle felting.  Much cheaper than getting it at the local fabric store – and the colors are beautiful.

After the craft show the girls and I hit The Fabric Nosherie again! Lovely store – fantastic fabrics – I bought a couple of squares of felt, some embroidery thread and some fat quarters.  I had a plan.

For Valentine’s day I made the girls cute, red felt, reusable treat bags – I thought I would throw together a few more and see how they fared in an Etsy  shoppe.  ( now I just have to come up with an etsy shop name!)

Here’s the first one I created.

Here are some others – I think my favorite so far is the flower on the far left. I have a few more ideas floating around in my head and I need to figure out how to implement them using felt.  We’ll see if it works .  I get real crafty after going to an art or craft show –  there’s always something I can think to make – now it’s the follow through I have trouble with –

Jaia and I went to a craft show late last year- before the holidays I think. Jaia took $5.00 with her, that’s all she had in her bank and you know how 8 year olds are. She wanted to buy SOMETHING! So we wandered and searched and found nothing, absolutely nothing for under $10.00. She was crushed. So my resolve is to make small little items for all those 8 year olds with ONLY $5.00 to spend.  These bags are NOT $5.00 but Jaia and I, again, came up with some small crafty items that would work.  Barrettes, head bands etc….

Did everyone remember to spring forward your clocks early yesterday morning?  I’m always thrown off because there’s always ONE clock that doesn’t get the treatment and then that’s the one I usually end up looking at and going – OH, we have PLENTY of time 🙂  How about you?

Sunday was rainy and yucky, but to day is barn day and it looks like the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds! I think it’s going to be a gorgeous day!

Bright Blessings!


Earlier in the week I got to run to an Antique Store  – Alone!  It was lovely – I did not have to drag two grumbly girls into the store with me. Maybe someday they too will get the antique thrifting bug ..One mother can only wish now can’t she?

I bought two metal outdoor chairs – I’ll pick these up the first week in April. This particular store is ONLY opened the first 7 days of each month  – the rest of the time they’re traveling for more goodies.

I also found –

This really neat picture frame for the mantle.  I have a poster that I want to frame but now I have to figure out exactly how I’m going to accomplish that.

I also found this very cool and awesome pitcher – the gentleman at the store told me that it was a Zanesville Stoneware Pottery pitcher?

But I have absolutely no idea – I’m going to try to sit today and do a bit of searching online to see what I can find about it though –

I can’t wait to pick up my chairs!

Happy Weekending!

Bright Blessings

Yesterday we were at the barn again!  I know, it seems like we’re always there and we have no other life:)  Sometimes it seems that way to me too. But, you know, the girls run around and I don’t have to worry and that’s just fine with me.

Storm rolling in over Avalon.

I made the first pitcher of sun tea this year!

And I received my first issue of taproot!  Did you get yours?  I was waiting in the mail for me when I came home Tuesday afternoon. I cannot wait to delve into it!  Happy Reading!

Today I hope to get to the library – and maybe start a sewing project or two. Tomorrow I’ll show you what I got at the antique store I visited on Tuesday.

Bright Blessings!