With my husband traveling more and more often because of work – we try to make the most of the weekends we are all together.  He doesn’t travel constantly, thank goodness, but we have  had months where he’s gone almost 3 weeks out of 4. NOT many by any means and I am SO glad my girls are older. This would not work if they were toddlers!!

This past weekend we went to a Food Truck Festival.  Food trucks are relatively new here in St. Louis I believe  – so we’ve actually NOT seen a food truck on the streets!  We also don’t work anywhere there would actually be a food truck so I’m  assuming that’s why we don’t see many of them  LOL!



Clothes truck.


Totally Fantastic cupcakes – Try the “drunken pig”.



Grilled cheese, quesadillas etc..





We had some pretty delicious food. Tacos – beef and chicken, southwestern chicken quesadilla, Rowan had a what I would call a shrimp po boy. We tried a  shredded beef sandwich, some sort of deep fried  rice ball with sausage – Gumbo ball.  There were a few trucks we didn’t get to – there were maybe 8 trucks and we tried food from 5 of them??  The greek truck, unfortunately did not have falafel and I DO love a good falafel!   We all picked something to try and then sat and shared. We had a wonderful, laid back afternoon 🙂

Bright Blessings!