Friday was crafternoon! It is so much fun – I am glad my sister suggested starting an afternoon of getting together and crafting. It’s giving the cousins a chance to play together and it’s giving my sister and I a chance to get to know each other a bit more too.

We worked on making wreaths for our doors.

Rowan started off by cutting strips of fabric for me to tie around the frame.  It took a lot of thing strips to start covering my frame! Row got bored after about 10 minutes of cutting so then it was my turn. Instead Row started an embroidery project.

A horse of course! But she drew this free hand so I’m really, really impressed.  When she’s finished we can back the project and hang it on her wall as is or make a pillow or wall hanging – oh the ideas go on and on!

Almost completed wreaths – my sister ended up finishing hers that evening/Saturday morning, while mine is still sitting in my van!  Well….. in my defense I had to take Jaia to dance class Friday evening and then I helped with a birthday party at the farm Saturday morning – we were busy! And I was exhausted 🙂

Jaia helped by reading to her cousin for a bit.

Cute aren’t they?

Today (Sunday) will be spent getting my husband ready for travel and the girls and I ready for camps! Whew – They start on Monday! Time seems to fly by – just yesterday we had a good month until camps started and now they’re here. And! And – It’s going to be something like 97* outside (of course). Lovely.

Bright Blessings!