Well we made it through the first week of summer horse camp at Avalon! It was fantastic – The kids in this group were by far the best bunch in the 3 – 4?  years I’ve been helping at camps.  There have ALWAYS been great kids, but these didn’t complain when cleaning stalls, they all had very positive energy – over all they were a very enjoyable bunch of kids.

If you’re on Facebook (and who isn’t!?) – hope over to


Avalon Horse Farm’s facebook page to see what we’ve been up to.

While the first week of camp was wonderful – it did leave us pretty drained of energy – so not a whole lot of anything else got done this week!  I did manage to make some home made pop tarts last Sunday- they turned out pretty delicious if I do say so myself. They were assembled at home 😉

Store bought puff pastry – yep!

Sliced and filled with organic strawberry jelly.

Crimped with a fork and topped with cinnamon and sugar.


I finally received the tins for my plantain salve last week!

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to finish the salve and start putting it to use. We’ve actually not had a lot of mosquitoes biting which is surprising – but other than the 90 + degrees on Monday it’s been a rather cool end of May first of June. Yesterday we were all in jeans and sweatshirts! And still cold!

Today Rowan is participating in a Pony Club dressage lesson – and Sunday -well Sunday is the day before week 2 of camp.  I probably should go grocery shopping and plan lunches.  But I would rather go to the St. Louis Renaissance festival! So well see. Maybe next weekend we’ll go.