On Wednesday we go to the barn. We clean stalls and do the feeding at night . Which means we put grain in, put hay in, let horses in or out – sweep etc.. Both girls get to ride if they want and then we head home.

Jaia getting to ride a friends horse for the first time.

Jaia wanting to see how a real horse – Karoly – would react to the toy horse. Well – he tried to eat it 🙂

We’ll be using these play ponies for races during camps

Wednesday night Jaia also had 2 of her friends sleep over. Talk about busy. They’d been asking for quite a while now, but we were just waiting for the right time.

Jaia wanted to make sure her friends knew where they were going to be sleeping. In the basement with sleeping bags and toys!

Mom’s didn’t get to come down.

Thursday morning/afternoon while all the girls played so well together – Rowan included – she loves to do hair (fancy that) – I made the oil infusion for the plantain salve I’m going to make. Plantain is said to be good for poison ivy (which I now have thank you very much) and also mosquito bites and other skin ailments.

Simmering the dried plantain leaf in olive oil using a double boiler.


I also decided while cleaning and rearranging some books that I really aught to work on reading what I have on our bookshelves –

when i run out of books from the library to read.

Today I “think” is crafternoon – Now what shall I make???

Have a wonderful afternoon – It’s supposed to be 90+ degrees here today!

Bright Blessings!