We had the most relaxing day yesterday. We got to stay home all day other than leaving for dance! Totally what we need the week before camps start.

Playtime in the morning with  dolls. My girls are constantly making bridles, halters, saddles and carriages for the dolls and their horses.

Carriage riding in the kitchen

Jaia is wanting to learn to sew, so she dug out the old blue sewing machine, found some scrap fabric and got to work. I drew some lines so that she could practice her straight stitching  and then she decided to make a pillow.

Sewing practice

First sewing project! A pillow!

Playing in the sprinkler with friends. Now that schools are out for the summer, Jaia’s friends are able to come and play! She’s so happy – ran out the door yesterday and I don’t think I saw her for a good hour!

Today we’re going to the barn and tonight we’re having some friends over for a sleepover – homemade pizza!

Bright Blessings!