We’ve been nothing but busy again this week. At least though, we did get to go to one of our homeschool groups park days. Totally wonderful and enjoyable to sit and talk with other moms. If I could only get Rowan out of her box to come also. There were some lovely girls there that I KNOW she would get along with if she only let herself. She is so much like me at her age .. Shy, introverted, unsure.

Today is Jaia picture day (some day I’ll have a Rowan picture day! even if it kills me)

Cantering up the hill for the first time. I told her duct tape was in order!

Jaia riding Jasmine the pony. A friend gave her the jump vest and Jaia didn’t take it off the entire afternoon.

Observation week at CAID/dance class.

Jaia figured out how to replace the batteries in the old cash register. I’ve been spending the morning buying things 🙂

Tomorrow (Friday) my Sister and I are having our first “Crafternoon”. She’s changed since she had her son and I think we may start doing more things together. We’ve never been close (one of the reason I want my girls to continue to do thing together) but last week we went to the zoo and this week we’re crafting.  I need to figure out now what exactly I’d like to make or do!

Saturday Jaia and I are going to see Riverdance with her  dance school.  Her teacher actually toured with the group for several years and might actually dance again with the group Saturday. The girls in the academy are also going to be able to go backstage and meet some of the dancers!  It’s so exciting!  I’m waffling between hitting the thrift store and buying a new dress OR trying to make one in the 2 days I have.

Today is grocery shopping day!

Bright Blessings and have a Wonderful Weekend!