Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Did you have a nice one? My husband did everything yesterday, from making breakfast and loading up the dishwasher, to letting me do nothing and play angry birds all afternoon, to cooking me a lovely salmon dinner last night. Just like I wanted. 🙂  My girls bickered and were total girls yesterday. Yep – I’m a MOM.

How was your week? Ours – busy as always. Saturday was a family get together day (my mom likes all the cousins to get together every 3 or 4 months), Sunday….  don’t remember but I think it was Pony Club related. Yep.  Barn on Monday, shopping for terrarium plants and then dance on Tuesday, Barn on Wednesday. We went early, there was a school group field trip coming. I love seeing and helping children who have never seen or been on a horse before. Helps me to realize just how much we do have. Something on Thursday which for the life of me I cannot remember. Oh yes! Terrarium making day! Totally fun and everyone seemed to have a nice time.  Pony Club meeting in the pm. Jeopardy – pony clubbers vs. parents. Guess you won? Do I need to say it?

Friday we went to the zoo with my sister and then dance again in the pm. Saturday my husband and I went to see the Avengers (totally awesome movie) and of course Sunday ….. I really needed this almost nothing weekend. So burnt out. 🙂

But alas – here are some random pictures from the week.

Hitting the pinata at our family get together. Faces are blurred since I don’t know if they would want the babies faces shown. Niece and nephew. Brother’s daughter and Sister’s son!

Row at Pony Club mounted meeting.

Terrarium plant shopping

Plant shopping – so many plants so little space.

Driving the jeep at the zoo. Children’s zoo part. Faces look so odd blurred out don’t they?


Following a duck in the bird cage.

Same bird with his grass stalk. Building a nest maybe? He/She stared making angry sounds when someone go to close.

And last but not least. A very blurry picture of my yummy Mother’s Day dinner.

And this morning I was up at a time when no NORMAL person would arise – to take my husband to the airport.

Have a wonderful week – Hopefully it’s less full than mine 🙂

Bright Blessings.