Well  Friday we had our first “Crafternoon” with my sister. What a fantastic idea. It’s going to give me the boost I think to start crafting! (I’d forgotten how hard it is though, to get any work done with a 2 year old around :).

We had a great time – each girl brought a project. Each is working on a saddle pad! One for a real horse and one for a toy horse – too funny. After Rowan pinned her binding around the saddle pad she got busy working on barrettes for her other 2 year old cousin! Well almost 2 – her birthday is coming up here in June.

Jaia worked on making some autograph books – we were going to see Riverdance that Saturday – the 19th, and her teacher , a former Riverdance dancer, arranged for the students to go back stage and meet some of the dancers. They also got autographs so she wanted to be prepared. We ended up buying a poster that everyone signed!

I worked on a couple of potholders. Friday morning, when I still didn’t have anything planned for MY crafternoon, I dug through my stash to see what I could work on. Fabric for a skirt and vintage pattern? check. Scraps for potholders? check.

I attempted to start the skirt at my sisters house – but reluctant to delve too far into that messy project – it not being my house and all – I settled on making a couple of potholders.

The binding material is left over from the skirt I made Jaia. Read on!  The main part is scrap fabric.

Crafternoon ended when my nephew got fussy. So we walked across the street to the school playground.

Have fun storming the castle!

When we returned from dance class that evening, I got busy sewing Jaia a new skirt with the material I had dug out earlier. I wanted her to have something cute for the show.

40’s, 50’s wanna be knock of skirt!  box pleats and all. This is the skirt I started at my sister’s house. Finished it at home. It took about 2 hours and 1 yard of fabric. At first I didn’t think she was dressy enough for the theater, but hey – she liked it AND there’s always someone in shorts or blue jeans. She didn’t believe me when I told her men used to wear suits and top hats and women dressed up too in lovely gowns and hats. I’m going to have to find some pictures to show her.

Waiting in line back stage for her teacher to take them for autographs.

We were not allowed to photograph the interior of the theater – You’ll just have to go visit the Fox though, if you ever come to St. Louis. We had a wonderful afternoon watching the show. Jaia’s teacher had arranged for the school to be able to buy tickets together in a group so there were a lot of irish dancing students watching together. The kids cheered so loud when their teacher came out on stage. It was wonderful to be there. It gave me chills.

Cheering their teacher at the back stage door after the show!

Sunday was a completely wonderfully, lazy day! I worked on cutting out yew bushes and promptly go poison ivy. But 3 bushes are gone! We have got to figure out how to deal with that poison ivy though! It’s growing up over everything I need to pull out! Any ideas?

I eventually want to plant herbs where I’m digging up all the yew bushes.

How about picture a day week this week? Next week we start camp. Then we get crazy.

Bright Blessings!