Today is Monday and it’s the start of another non-stop week, after a weekend of non-stop going, going, after a week of non- stop going. Oh I’m getting so tired of going, going, going!  Friday though – our plans got changed around a bit. We were supposed to go see a Seussical play with our homeschool group, but poor Jaia woke up and promptly got sick! – She wasn’t feeling horrible and after that she actually felt fine – but I decided to take it as a sign and called the coordinator and and let them know that we needed to stay home!  It was a wonderful decision. The girls played, we accomplished some school work. Both girls are finishing up work books and history books. Only a few pages left in Row’s algebra book.  School is almost finished for the summer!  – Well science is not done and I think we’ll be working on that all summer but oh well!  When you homeschool you don’t have to fit into someone else’s box right? You can make your own – and what ever size you want it to be too!

Since we were home I decided to to a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while – make Terrariums! Actually I offered this as a “class” in our homeschooling group so I needed to put some together – but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I just gave myself an excuse.

We gathered our supplies.

I’ve been grabbing jars and vases at the thrift store to create some of our terrariums in.

Moss, soil, jars, rocks from our yard (I’ll buy some smaller ones for the class – the ones from our yard were actually too big), and plants. Actually finding the plants proved to be very difficult. Now, granted I only went to the closest mega mart home center to look, but the girls and I had a hard time finding 3 that would fit into our jars!

Adding the rock layer first.

Soil next.

Plants nestled in there last.

There are so many different ways to put these together. I can’t wait to try others!  Ours are only open terrariums, you can makes closed ones which require a few other things added to the jar – charcoal, for one, so that the soil doesn’t get moldy.  I’d love to add some fun plastic toys next time also.

Total time making these? 30 minutes tops. I was planning a fun afternoon with my girls. Nope. They were like – rocks, dirt, plant, I’m done! Slow down ladies – enjoy the time spent!

Rowan made her fantastic ravioli lasagna for dinner. Frozen cheese ravioli layered like a lasagna with sauce and cheese. We always add veggies – so Row added mandolin sliced zucchini and spinach.  It was delicious.

before baking.

After baking.

Both girls love to cook so I’ve started letting them pick out a meal or two that they can prepare (mostly) on their own for dinner. They love it and I enjoy sharing cooking duties with them.

We’re off to the barn again today!

Bright Blessings!