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Since Jaia is now into all things Irish Dance, and we’ve spent the money on the beginner outfit and wig and shoes and socks, I thought the dress needed to be protected.


Beginner dance outfit for J’s school. Ignore the air vent! I don’t have a good place to take pics ūüôā ¬†BUT rather than buy a garment bag, I decided to give a go at making one.


I used a hanger as reference for the shoulder area and I measured the length of the shirt.

I double checked the pattern I made with the shirt to make sure it would all fit. I actually adjusted the slope of the shoulder after I did this so that it did not slope as much.

After I got the pattern pieces together – the bag itself came together fairly quickly.

Cutting out the bag pieces and the pocket pieces.

Adding the zipper and the pockets to the front

Sewing the front and back together. Wow – sorry – I didn’t realize just how blurry this picture was!

and Taa-daa! I didn’t turn out to bad:) I’m pleased with my first attempt – and my first attempt with making my own pattern for it also!

Here it is with the outfit inside – so you can see how it all worked out.

Now I think I’ll make a matching “emergency kit pouch” like I did for the Equestrians. I have a ton of this material left over! ¬†I also need to figure out how to transport this wig….

Today is barn day! and we’re finally in the double digits here in the midwest – no more triple index for us for a while. AND we had rain for the second weekend in a row! So absolutely wonderful to wake up to thunder and rain.

Bright Blessings!


Months ago I bought a cute, small (size 4t) blue t-shirt from the thrift store for my daughter. I bought it NOT because it would fit – ¬†I knew it wouldn’t, she’s a size 10 now ¬†– but I bought it because of what was on the front of the shirt.

A horse -and a cute one at that.

Now, I bought this t-shirt, washed it, folded it and it promptly ended up in J’s dresser for weeks maybe even months! Well – it was “discovered” 2 weeks ago by a very happy little girl who HAD to try it on – ignoring mom’s statement of “it’s really NOT going to fit you!” – Oh well – do as you must- so she tried it on . ¬†Did it fit? NOPE ! belly exposed- super tight – she walks into my room – ” I don’t think it fits mom” – Oh dear girl you do make your momma laugh!

So I helped her wrestle it off and it ended up on my sewing table – which is where I had purchased it for to begin with.

I knew the t-shirt was just big enough to cover this small pillow – maybe 8 inches by 9 inches or something like that – So that’s what I did. I really have no idea where this pillow came from. We’ve had it ever since I can remember – even as a child – so for 30 some odd years this pillow has been floating around one house or another. It was time for some upgrading!

I traced around the pillow –

I sewed. I turned.

I stuffed.

and VOILA! ¬†– cute huh? It now holds a place of honor at the head of my daughter’s bed. ¬†I really MUST remember to find not so cutesy horse t-shirts for the 14 year old to make into pillows too! ¬†She liked this one but it was “too cutesy mom!”

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!  The girls ended up going with my parents and I stayed home slightly ill with nausea РThey had a blast swimming at my brothers and watching the fireworks and I watched a lot more t.v. than I ever do! Anyone else watch Craft Wars yet?

Two more weeks of camp! Then I’ll get back to crafting more!

Bright Blessings!

A Saturday or two ago, the girls and I made the short jaunt to my brother’s house for my niece’s birthday. She was turning 2! ¬†I love 2 – such a fun age. Almost makes me wish for more girls. Almost. ūüôā

I had such a hard time trying to decide what to make or buy for her birthday. I knew she’d be getting a lot of toys – light up toys probably – so I didn’t want to get her any of those. But I knew no one would get her any books. So books it was! ¬†J and I went to the book store and picked out a couple of our favorites. Finding the “right” book for a two year old is kinda difficult. I would have bought any book for my 2 girls when they were that age. They would sit and listen to anything I read them. They loved the pictures and me telling the story. Not sure what my niece ¬†would do. Is she capable of sitting and listening to a story that has a more complicated story line? Do they even sit and read to her very much at all? My brother and s-i-l are NOT big readers unfortunately. No bookshelves in their house and no stacks of books anywhere! The horror!

We did settle on books geared more towards the younger set – so Goodnight Moon, a counting book and one other. We also picked up a package of playdoh! ¬†Why do parents always cringe at that? ¬†Really!? It’s not going to get rubbed into the carpet if you don’t allow it to be smashed there. If you set up playdoh time a the kitchen table then they will learn that playdoh is only for the table! Seriously you would have thought I’d brought in a pail of mud! ¬†(and really? mud is fun too!). ¬†You should have heard the moan and groan out of that group when she opened that gift! ¬†Oh well. I grew up in a house with absolutely NO crafts at all! Yep – no markers, no playdoh no glue and definitely NO paint! It’s a wonder I survived. Might be why I insist on having all these things for my 2.

Any way, I digress. I also wanted to make her some sort of cute dress, since according to my mother (grandma), little miss F is always in pants and boots. It took a while for me to decide on a pattern. I went through my Japanese sewing books (everything was at least a size 4), and I went through my Ottrobe magazines.  I wanted something simple and cute. I FINALLY settled on an older Simplicity pattern that had been passed on to me by my Aunt.

So last week, when I had some time away from the barn, away from camp, I sat down to work. Lucky for me when I went to trace the pattern I found someone had already traced it off!

Laying the pattern pieces and cutting it out…

The bodice pieces are cut out …

The top pieces. I went ahead and lined it.  The pattern just had you fold over the top piece to insert the elastic Рbut I wanted something a litter nicer.

The skirt and the bodice pieces sewn together.

I added a piece of ribbon to the waist for that piece of elastic. Then shoulder straps and I was done! It turned out super cute and I hope they like it. I’ll give it to them this Saturday at our family reunion.

I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now Jaia wants one!

Bright Blessings!

Today is Monday and it’s the start of another non-stop week, after a weekend of non-stop going, going, after a week of non- stop going. Oh I’m getting so tired of going, going, going! ¬†Friday though – our plans got changed around a bit. We were supposed to go see a Seussical play with our homeschool group, but poor Jaia woke up and promptly got sick! – She wasn’t feeling horrible and after that she actually felt fine – but I decided to take it as a sign and called the coordinator and and let them know that we needed to stay home! ¬†It was a wonderful decision. The girls played, we accomplished some school work. Both girls are finishing up work books and history books. Only a few pages left in Row’s algebra book. ¬†School is almost finished for the summer! ¬†– Well science is not done and I think we’ll be working on that all summer but oh well! ¬†When you homeschool you don’t have to fit into someone else’s box right? You can make your own – and what ever size you want it to be too!

Since we were home I decided to to a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while – make Terrariums! Actually I offered this as a “class” in our homeschooling group so I needed to put some together – but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I just gave myself an excuse.

We gathered our supplies.

I’ve been grabbing jars and vases at the thrift store to create some of our terrariums in.

Moss, soil, jars, rocks from our yard (I’ll buy some smaller ones for the class – the ones from our yard were actually too big), and plants. Actually finding the plants proved to be very difficult. Now, granted I only went to the closest mega mart home center to look, but the girls and I had a hard time finding 3 that would fit into our jars!

Adding the rock layer first.

Soil next.

Plants nestled in there last.

There are so many different ways to put these together. I can’t wait to try others! ¬†Ours are only open terrariums, you can makes closed ones which require a few other things added to the jar – charcoal, for one, so that the soil doesn’t get moldy. ¬†I’d love to add some fun plastic toys next time also.

Total time making these? 30 minutes tops. I was planning a fun afternoon with my girls. Nope. They were like – rocks, dirt, plant, I’m done! Slow down ladies – enjoy the time spent!

Rowan made her fantastic ravioli lasagna for dinner. Frozen cheese ravioli layered like a lasagna with sauce and cheese. We always add veggies Рso Row added mandolin sliced zucchini and spinach.  It was delicious.

before baking.

After baking.

Both girls love to cook so I’ve started letting them pick out a meal or two that they can prepare (mostly) on their own for dinner. They love it and I enjoy sharing cooking duties with them.

We’re off to the barn again today!

Bright Blessings!


Yesterday I started making a dance bag for Jaia. For months now, she’s been carrying her stuff in what ever bag catches her fancy each night. I’m surprised we haven’t LOST anything yet! ¬†Well – a pair of socks DOES seem to have gone missing! Oh well – we’ll find them.

I’m making another freezer paper stencil design – the same one I put on her t-shirt for her birthday. That way we’ll have no doubt which bag holds her shoes and socks!

Tracing out the pattern.

Ironing it onto the fabric. The schools colors are pink, black and grey so luckily I had pink paisley in my stash.

During the painting process.

After painting and peeling the freezer paper off. Today hopefully, I’ll get around to sewing it ! I hope to have it complete by Friday but today and tomorrow are pretty busy, so we’ll see.

We’re off to the barn today, but Jaia is feeling punky so hopefully I can leave her home with my husband. It means she’ll be watching more television than I would normally allow – but sometimes watching t.v. is the only thing you can do when you’re feeling yucky!

Bright Blessings!


We are not religious here in our house hold. We do not practice any one religion. Oh, we hold the earth and all beings living on her and in her to be sacred (well I do at least). But we don’t go to church or practice mainstream faiths. Each year though, we go “celebrate” easter. For us though, it’s more of a welcoming back of spring. An acknowledgement that plant, veggies, fruits are beginning to come to life. ¬†That the cold darkness of winter is FINALLY over and that the long, warm, golden days of spring and summer are returning.

We ended up spending the morning at my SIL’s house – where we had a lovely home made breakfast – biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage etc… ¬†Jaia hunted easter eggs in the back yard – Rowan is now “too big” ¬†to hunt.. ¬†Or is she?

The afternoon was spent at my mothers – A more traditional dinner – ham was eaten, asparagus, bread, sweet potatoes etc.. ¬†was eaten. She’s catholic. At least nothing was preached.

The girls, along with their cousings ( one 2, one almost 2) hunted easter eggs in the back yard. Well, maybe Rowan won’t claim to have hunted herself, but more helped her cousin.

It ended up being a lovely afternoon.

This week is the birthday party for a young friend of ours. He is going to be 10! When his mom and I met – he was 3 , Jaia was 2, Rowan was 7 etc.. It’s amazing to see these kids growing up. ¬† Well, last week he approached me and asked if I could make him an elf costume for his birthday party this Thursday. Santa elf? I wondered – nope, more woodland elf. So I said maybe and promptly forgot about it since I had 2 girls parties and easter to worry about! Monday I woke up remembering@!! ¬†So Tuesday morning we made a dash to the fabric store and this is what I created in about 4 hours. I do hope it was what he wanted!!

The pants are just a flannel pajama pant pattern – I just made it shorter and didn’t hem anything! ¬†Fairy’s don’t care about proper hemming do they? And the top is a simple t-style tunic with a t cut in the top for his head. I ended up adding pieces of flannel to each point where the cut ended so that he didn’t pull and rip the tunic wide open. I really hope he likes it. After HIS zoo party I may grab it back and hem the legs and sleeves and fix the neckline.

I guess a lot of people don’t get that we can’t just “whip something up in and hour or two” , that it takes more time than that. ¬†If I had had more time, if I hadn’t had 2 birthdays of my own or easter or barn work or, or, or, I probably would have taken more time with the neck line. But – oh well. ¬†I hope he likes it.

It’s Wednesday so we’re off to the barn again!

Bright Blessings

And 2 party bags are finished! ¬†They didn’t take long really – about 10 to 15 minutes each to sew together.

Jaia has filled them with goodies –

Salt water taffy (yep the same brand that we had at Valentines day!), a chocolate/caramel bar, a small flower pot with seeds and in the parchment sack are gummy beans. I wanted something cuter than plastic baggies so – ¬†– parchment paper sacks it is. They were so easy too, ¬†a rectangle with a flap and I just sewed up the sides. The flap folds down. Easy Peasy. And cute too. And free since I had the parchment paper already. ¬†Their ¬†(Jaia and her friend) ¬†last “party favor” is a ring making kit that they can work on together.

For Rowan and her friend, I found a cool “message in a bottle” necklace making kit so they can leave a message for each other in their necklaces.

The t-shirt turned out fantastic! If I do say so myself. I snuck downstairs to my work area after Jaia finally¬†fell asleep last night ¬†– Almost 10:00 that one! She was listening to a book on CD –



I cannot wait to give it to her! I think she’ll love it!

Busy day for us today. Breakfast with Grandma, barn day, dinner, cake baking and friends arriving. I predict a late , late night for all..

Bright Blessings!

I have more craft ideas in the works – I think it’s the spring air. The plants popping up, the birds singing outside my window. Loudly. ¬†I think the re-awakening of the earth is stimulating my creative spirit. Well – I hope anyway.

I started making some note cards – just simple cards really. ¬†A month or so back, I went to my local big box store and looked for a card to send to my dad for his birthday. Nothing, nada, zilch. They were all so ugly or distasteful, or just plain rude. Some of them actually had lovely verses but if you’re going to buy a card with such a lovely verse, why not write it yourself? ¬†I would certainly think the sentiment would mean MORE if you were writing it personally than if you bought a pre printed card – right?

I took this lovely old book, and I cut it up! Yes, I know, sacrilegious  Рand I took some simple water color paper cards and I started glueing.

One sheet from the book folded over the top of the card so it folds down the back and – viola! simple notecards. My favorites are the 2 in the front, from an old Flintstones flip book. ¬†These were the only two pages I had remaining of the book – I think in my thrift store and junk shop searches I’ll be looking for more of these books. They made cute, ¬†fun cards. ¬†I have a whole pile of Little Golden books I brought out – but I really did not have the heart to start cutting those up. I think I’ll start looking for damaged ones while I’m thrifting also.

Yesterday Jaia started working on division in math for school. ¬†She was excited to start something new – not boring old addition and subtraction like we’ve been working on.

And Rowan put the presidents in order. Which lead to research on republican and democratic presidents, which of course is leading up to this years presidential candidates and election. Wonderful the way homeschooling works huh?

(tissues for the runny nose).

Today is going to be gorgeous out side! ¬†I’m planning on getting the girls out doing yard work today. I’ve got to decide what I’m putting in my garden spot and hopefully I’ll get the front spot picked out.

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings!

Jaia caught the gardening bug already this year! ¬†I tried talking her into waiting just a FEW more weeks until it was 100% positive that there wouldn’t be any weird last minute winter freeze like there usually is in the mid west – but no good.

She was out there Friday afternoon – digging and planting away, planning her fairy garden plot. Even made a sign for it. ¬†Gonna have to replace that though – rained here on Sunday. Like how she spelt fairy? Too cute – phonetic spelling at it’s best.

Saturday the girls and I went to an awesome craft show РThe Green with Indie show.  I bought some hand made soap Рlove handmade soap! and some wool roving for needle felting.  Much cheaper than getting it at the local fabric store Рand the colors are beautiful.

After the craft show the girls and I hit The Fabric Nosherie again! Lovely store Рfantastic fabrics РI bought a couple of squares of felt, some embroidery thread and some fat quarters.  I had a plan.

For Valentine’s day I made the girls cute, red felt, reusable treat bags – I thought I would throw together a few more and see how they fared in an Etsy ¬†shoppe. ¬†( now I just have to come up with an etsy shop name!)

Here’s the first one I created.

Here are some others – I think my favorite so far is the flower on the far left. I have a few more ideas floating around in my head and I need to figure out how to implement them using felt. ¬†We’ll see if it works . ¬†I get real crafty after going to an art or craft show – ¬†there’s always something I can think to make – now it’s the follow through I have trouble with –

Jaia and I went to a craft show late last year- before the holidays I think. Jaia took $5.00 with her, that’s all she had in her bank and you know how 8 year olds are. She wanted to buy SOMETHING! So we wandered and searched and found nothing, absolutely nothing for under $10.00. She was crushed. So my resolve is to make small little items for all those 8 year olds with ONLY $5.00 to spend. ¬†These bags are NOT $5.00 but Jaia and I, again, came up with some small crafty items that would work. ¬†Barrettes, head bands etc….

Did everyone remember to spring forward your clocks early yesterday morning? ¬†I’m always thrown off because there’s always ONE clock that doesn’t get the treatment and then that’s the one I usually end up looking at and going – OH, we have PLENTY of time ūüôā ¬†How about you?

Sunday was rainy and yucky, but to day is barn day and it looks like the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds! I think it’s going to be a gorgeous day!

Bright Blessings!


Winter finally hit us here in Missouri. There’s a good 2 to 3 inches of snow outside my door right now. Snow that my 8 year old daughter is already out playing in at 7:30 in the morning. Snow that kept both girls out until 7:45 last night when I had to force them inside to eat dinner and go to bed.

They made forts and Jaia filled a cooler up with snow balls.

Not quite sure what she’s preparing for here – but I think she may have enough snowballs.

After the girls finally fell asleep last night I got busy preparing our “Valentine table”. I just like to make things nice for their girls – whether for their birthday, yule or valentines day.¬† I had an old christmas-y table cloth that one of the dogs had chewed a hole into – probably trying to eat off whatever had spilled on it.¬† I guess I could have tried to fix it but I decided to cut it up and make hearts instead.

This is the kitchen table the girls woke up to this morning. Each has a bag filled with treats. More candy than I realize I bought, but a lot of it’s from Trader Joe’s- so no high fructose corn syrup or food coloring. Just good old sugar.

They each got a set of chopsticks and a pair of socks too. I know – totally not valentines-y but hey, I AM their mother. Because I try to get them a craft kit of some sort each holiday and didn’t get around to it this time- I also included a “coupon” for one craft kit from a local craft store.¬† Cost¬† listed and everything. And of course – Valentines made by me.

I simply wrote – Happy Valentine’s Day on each one.

Jaia and I received more of our Valentine’s yesterday. I have to say that Jaia is totally smitten with getting mail everyday. It’s fantastic reading about other children and what they enjoy. Finding out how much you have in common with someone hundreds of miles away makes our world seem just a bit smaller than it really it.

On another totally different train of thought here – this guy was in a tree across the street yesterday morning.

Jaia came running to me yesterday morning yelling something about a “big, huge bird in the tree!”¬† Beautiful !

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings.