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Blah week, that’s all I can say, Blah week. The living room needs painting. The basement needs cleaning, organizing and a new carpet. I would love a new kitchen. I’m trying to arrange my sewing corner so it’s more conducive to actual sewing.  We need to finish with our lessons for the year soon and Row is procrastinating on her history project. Summer camps are quickly coming up and neither girl wants to work them and I would love those 6 weeks of summer to work around my house.  Did you ever hit a point where there is more to be done than time and you are the only one doing anything? Yep – that’s how I feel right now.  Blah. Just feeling sorry for myself I guess 🙂 I need a week or two at home alone –

Now. This week we are taking a quick (I’m talking 3 day) trip to Colorado   – just because 🙂 Row is flying to London soon and her dad wanted her to fly first so she would be familiar with how airports work and such. We leave Friday. Thursday I get to run around dropping children off at classes and dogs of at sitters. Winter goes to a kennel where he is left in a little cell all alone 😦 I really, really dislike this but he’s such a fearful, aggressive little dog (not sure why it seems to be a breed issue) that this is all we really can do. They treat him well there and they are super nice.  He likes 4 people in this world – yes he was socialized as a puppy – more so than any of our other dogs ever.  His wee little brain is wonky. Our older dog goes to my mother’s house.  We have a friend arranged to house sit for us. All is good.

Last week Jaia got new book shelves for her room –


They are just from Target but they are doing the job –


My helper –

DSCN3221Messy, messy  –

Now if Row would just please clean her room so we can get shelves for it! (hint)

DSCN3222We had our first bonfire last week. It kicked off the birthday weekend really. We roasted hot dogs over the fire and made smores! Can’t have a bonfire without smores! (really-it’s in the handbook) 🙂



LOTS going on this week for us – riding lessons, dance lessons, a meeting for Row to be a Jr. member of a horse organization, barn day, classes, packing, errands, making horse armor (yep), packing,  travel – whew!

I found the best instructions for a simple circle skirt!

I wonder if I can fit this in this week???

Bright blessings!



Well January slid in with nary a bump or crash – Until now – We currently have about 12 +/- inches of snow in our back yard and it is crazy!  I really don’t think we are leaving this house for a couple of days – there is still 4 inches of snow on the driveway and that’s after my husband and girls shoveled yesterday –


View from the front window – The hydrant is on the other side of the street 🙂 It still snowed for several hours after I took this picture –


Our dog leaping through the snow!

January 1st we celebrated my husband’s birthday, a delicious lunch with some really good drinks at  We definitely plan on going back! One of my gifts to him this year is Date day/night. We’ve been neglecting us it seems, with the girls going and going – we/I concentrate so much on getting them where they need to be that we forget to take care of the two of us (he works to make it happen) – SO I have picked 12 restaurants here in St. Louis that are mainly Farm to Table restaurants serving local foods and drinks – Some of these we may go to as a family but my main goal is for my husband and I to enjoy some time together –  Our first reservation is for February 1st! One of our goals this year is to eat out less and when we do eat out better quality –

january 2014 pictures - phone 014Cake and ice cream for my hubbies birthday – while we play boggle!


Saturday J had a 3 1/2 hour dance camp and I really was lost as to what to do – I didn’t want to go grocery shopping and I didn’t want to go home so instead I wandered around Downtown Kirkwood for a few hours.  I bought some coffee and tea – ate lunch by myself and I found this very cute vintage table cloth that actually fits! by huge 52 inch square table – I was a happy girl 🙂


Several months ago I gave up eating bread/gluten. Well – trying to give that up RIGHT before the holidays was probably not the best decision ever so I decided that I was going gluten-less. My husband and I decided to make the best of it- to quit again in January and so we ate all the yummy goodies we’d give up after his birthday! Well now that the holidays are over it’s time to start so last night I made an oh so yummy apple tart!

It was so easy to make – I took 2 large apples and diced them up into fairly small pieces. I added a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and cooked them down for a few minutes in a sauce pan. I took one piece of puff pastry and added the apples to one half. Folded over the other side and crimped with a fork. I added a few slits with a knife so the steam would escape, topped with more cinnamon and sugar and baked @ 400 for about 15 minutes or so! Oh was it good – and warm!


Another picture of dogs romping in snow!

Bright Blessings!




Wow! I cannot believe it’s been a month since my last post! And just when I’d made that mental promise to start blogging more regularly too – LOL – well life never does play itself out like it’s “supposed” to does it?

So many, many happenings these past 4 weeks. Two bouts of illnesses – This second one from which we are still recovering. This is totally unusual for us – we are never sick this often and not so early in the season either. It’s got me rethinking how we are eating .  Just a re-evaluation and maybe some, well A LOT, of menu changes. Gotta get that teen of mine into eating fruit again for breakfast, not so much bagels.

There have been feis’, shows, schoolwork (don’t get me started on that) and of course barn days (which are changing out of necessity), dental appointments and ceili practice. The never ending ceili practice.  Which will culminate on Thanksgiving weekend in a HUGE dance competition called the Oireachtas. CANNOT wait!

J is getting braces…Here is the first step to the whole 2 year process…. Getting the piece that moves her top teeth back so her canines can come in.

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 002

Feis –

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 010Her team got 2nd in their ceili dance. Just a trial run to get ready for the big “O”.

R went to homecoming.

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 022

She’s the gorgeous one in the black dress. Totally proud of her. She went by herself but ended up with the group of kids in our homeschooling group that she has classes with. Mainly because I am friends with some of the moms and we arranged pictures 🙂 She lasted 2 hours at the dance and then decided that the music sucked and it was too loud. I think 2 hours is pretty good for an introvert don’t you think?

School work for R has been – well – words cannot describe it. Let me just say that we’ve had to drop everything else so she could get caught up with British Literature and History. Including dropping a day stall cleaning at the barn. She has a love/hate relationship with this class – or maybe it was just Pride and Prejudice – the first book on the list.  Oh well – She DID pick the class and I refuse to let her quit. Sometimes you can’t just give up on something because you don’t like ONE aspect. A good life lesson.

We’ve never been able to start our teen/tween crafting day! UGGGG….. Maybe October will prove to be easier for us.

Until next time –

Bright Blessings




Rowan and my nephew.

Bright Blessings!