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Blah week, that’s all I can say, Blah week. The living room needs painting. The basement needs cleaning, organizing and a new carpet. I would love a new kitchen. I’m trying to arrange my sewing corner so it’s more conducive to actual sewing.  We need to finish with our lessons for the year soon and Row is procrastinating on her history project. Summer camps are quickly coming up and neither girl wants to work them and I would love those 6 weeks of summer to work around my house.  Did you ever hit a point where there is more to be done than time and you are the only one doing anything? Yep – that’s how I feel right now.  Blah. Just feeling sorry for myself I guess 🙂 I need a week or two at home alone –

Now. This week we are taking a quick (I’m talking 3 day) trip to Colorado   – just because 🙂 Row is flying to London soon and her dad wanted her to fly first so she would be familiar with how airports work and such. We leave Friday. Thursday I get to run around dropping children off at classes and dogs of at sitters. Winter goes to a kennel where he is left in a little cell all alone 😦 I really, really dislike this but he’s such a fearful, aggressive little dog (not sure why it seems to be a breed issue) that this is all we really can do. They treat him well there and they are super nice.  He likes 4 people in this world – yes he was socialized as a puppy – more so than any of our other dogs ever.  His wee little brain is wonky. Our older dog goes to my mother’s house.  We have a friend arranged to house sit for us. All is good.

Last week Jaia got new book shelves for her room –


They are just from Target but they are doing the job –


My helper –

DSCN3221Messy, messy  –

Now if Row would just please clean her room so we can get shelves for it! (hint)

DSCN3222We had our first bonfire last week. It kicked off the birthday weekend really. We roasted hot dogs over the fire and made smores! Can’t have a bonfire without smores! (really-it’s in the handbook) 🙂



LOTS going on this week for us – riding lessons, dance lessons, a meeting for Row to be a Jr. member of a horse organization, barn day, classes, packing, errands, making horse armor (yep), packing,  travel – whew!

I found the best instructions for a simple circle skirt!

I wonder if I can fit this in this week???

Bright blessings!