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So does anyone have any big plans for Cinco de Mayo?  We don’t and honestly I’m not even sure what this day celebrates – lol! Guess I’ve got some researching to do huh? We had a big weekend here in our household – dance recital!  Last year Jaia didn’t want to participate until about 2 weeks before the recital – by then it was too late. This year I signed her up for it  – no questions asked. It would have been easier to pull her out than sign her up to participate if she’d changed her mind so that’s what I did. Since she is loving the performing aspect of Irish Dancing I knew my decision would be fine  – and it was.

Rowan and Pharma - etc.. May 030

Selfie on the way to the recital –

FYI – I’ve been having issues with getting my pictures from the computer onto my blog – grrr…. so I’m hoping that some of the pictures I took I can post on my blog – we’ll see though .   And nope they are not working – I keep getting an error notice. Utterly and completely frustrating for me –

We are in the final  stretch before Rowan leaves for London – sooo much to do. I’ve got to get a few items of clothing for her – you know how teens are they wear the same 3 shirts day in and day out! She should be taking at least 7 days of clothes with her so we need to bolster her wardrobe a bit. Schoolwork needs to be finished up. Her 50 hour project is nearly done but it’s due Thursday and she still needs to fit it on the horse and take a million pictures to create a slide show –  Armor to put together and all sorts of stuff.

Friday was our last home school class of this semester. It was a new group we had tried out this semester to see if we liked it. It was okay – Jaia had a great time in the knitting class but the cooking from scratch class left a bit to be desired. Several baggies of herb mixes, salad dressing mixes etc… were certainly NOT worth the $30 I paid for the class.

Rowan and Pharma - etc.. May 020

Playtime after our last day of classes –

And exciting news! We don’t have to work summer camps this summer! We are all very excited but I’m realizing that I am out that money then. I always use camp money to cover some of the costs of feising – Oh well… I have lots of plans to grow my blog so look for some big changes this summer!

I’m off to start our day and to figure out why my pictures won’t transfer to my blog!

Bright Blessings!








I cannot believe that tomorrow is May 1. That means in 14 short, short days my biggest will be leaving for London with a home school group for 2 full weeks.  Am I worried – yes. Am I scared -yes.  Is the world full of unknowns? Definitely.  Am I “pushing” her to take this trip. Yes. At some point in time you just cannot let fear and uncertainty control your life. And I’m not letting that fear of the unknown let her change her mind.  Row is a total introvert and shy to boot and I’ve never made her get out there to challenge that. Maybe I should have. But being a shy, introvert myself…… So I know that she wants to go to London and she’s voiced that opinion many, many times over the year (s) , so I’m “pushing” her to go because I know she wants to. I also know she’s the type of person to not do something because she’s worried of going out of her comfort zone.  I know the group is safe and the teacher has taken groups several times before – once to Japan!  I don’t want her to miss this opportunity and then in 6 weeks, 6 months or next year say ” I wish I would have gone…”. I wish I had had this chance when I was her age.

I think those 2 weeks in Great Britain will change my baby – help her to grow her self confidence, her personality.  I think she will learn, grow, explore and come back maybe knowing more of who she is.  I know it’s just a short trip to London, but it’s the longest she’s been away from us – and we from her – and it’s also by far the farthest she’s ever been!

It’s an adventure and I am so super proud of her for taking this leap.

Bright Blessings

(Sorry for the lack of pictures – I can get the pictures from the camera to the computer but then it keeps telling me there’s an error when I try to get them onto the blog)







School for us started the 2nd week in September. We homeschool, and sitting down at the kitchen table to get our work accomplished is something we’ve done now for years. This year I have a daughter who is a freshman in high school – and a 9 year old. The 9 year old is great – gets her work done, with a positive attitude (for the most part) and for the first 2 weeks “walked” to school. Really, with her back pack, around the block. My older one, however, is tough to get motivated sometimes, and with high school aged children come high school attitude. We may home school but I do have certain standards that she is having a hard time understanding. Like completing the work properly and finishing all that I’d like her to do! “Required reading”! -She’s read  not even 2 chapters of the book that’s required!  Time for some restructuring I think! And I think it might be on my part – A checklist might be in order or some sort of  .. I don’t know! Something.  The first weeks are always a trial – getting back in the groove – figuring out what works again year after year. The children get older, their need change, their attitude changes –  If you homeschool – how do you get your teens to finish everything you’d like?

For the most part though – our days go pretty smoothly. The girls get up – with plenty of morning time to read for my big one, school starts at the same time each day and we work until we’re finished with what we need to do for day. Sometimes it takes us 2 hours – other times it takes us ALL day.  Algebra, math, science, phonics, spelling, handwriting etc..  Afternoons are free – 2 days a week we head to the barn, 2 evenings we have dance, riding lessons, and homeschool park days.

These first few weeks have been hard for us – our routine has been interrupted 2 out of the 3 weeks we’ve been working – birthdays, friends over to visit, visits with my sister and nephew – and this week! Feet trimming for the horse and the equine dentist! Oh – I hope next week is smoother. We’ve GOT to get our rhythm down – if only for my sanity.

Row working on the brain for science. Biology for her this year and we’re studying the human body. So she’s making the brain!

This is what Row did with the left over clay – after she finished making the brain –

Today is Wednesday – off to the barn for us this afternoon – cleaning stalls, feeding and lessons!

thanks for listening to my grumbling.

Bright Blessings

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.   – Soulemama. Thanks for letting us join!

A picture a day – okay 5 pictures a day. Once I started I couldn’t stop.

Cleaning stalls

Getting ready for a lesson

Putting away tack after her lesson

running herd

running herd

Bright Blessings – Have a wonderful day!


Since the girls have come home from their friends, we’ve not accomplished a whole lot of anything!  We went to see the show Cavalia – Fantastic! and if you ever have a chance to go – GO!

That was Tuesday night – Wednesday  – back to the barn and Thursday we did some science experiments – Gotta get back into the swing of school !

Rowan made her own candle wick from fabric scraps.

Then she lit it on fire!

She then made some bubbling brown, green goo that bubbled over the test tube.

And that was about it. Totally laid back morning. We did hit the thrift store after school  – the girls are in serious need of summer clothes and off to Avalon for  a Pony Club study group.  Really we needed to have a laid back, not so crazy day.

What is your weekend shaping up to hold?  I hope to get some seeds planted in our raised bed garden!

I’m going to plant a lot of herbs this year I think!

Bright Blessings

Wednesday we usually spend at “the Barn” – Avalon Horse Farm.  We clean stalls, we feed, the girls get to ride.  Lately though, it seems that my 13 year old is having, I won’t call them problems, but problems with her friends there. They are all home schooled, the older 2 (14 and 16) are out there more often than R.  So they’re together all the time, they ride more together, they mesh. They are very much “best friends” .  Row has always been a part of the “group”, albeit the quiet part of the group..  The problem I see is that they never seem to want to include her or ride with her on the days we’re out there.  Maybe it’s just me being the over protective mom.  Maybe it was just yesterday. ….  I’m probably over sensitive to these things since I was always the one always on the outside growing up. I was always the introvert, shy girl – still am – and so is she.  But she very much wanted to ride with her friends yesterday and they chose not to – they wanted to ride much later in the day – about the time we’re getting ready to leave.  Like I said – I may be projecting here, but she’s my baby and you always want to see the world go right for your children.  She ended up riding by herself.  She told me that she’s feeling like the third wheel, left out.   I’m not sure how to handle this.   Do I wait it out and see if next week is different although I’ve noticed this as a  trend. Maybe not R but I see things as an outsider to the three.  I homeschool so that this would not happen to my girls. I homeschool because I love to be with them. I wanted them to always have friends, to always feel accepted.  And so it pains me to see this going on with R.  So really, I’m at a complete loss as to what to do.  Right now  I’m really *not* liking these other 2 girls.

So this is something I need to sit with. Help her to tell them how she feels. We are both very shy and tend to protect our feelings, and others, by not standing up for ourselves.  grrr! Being a parent is so very, very hard!

I saw these beautiful babies as I was bringing horses in last night..  They kept staring and watching me. I don’t think they could figure out WHY exactly I was taking horses in…  after all .. aren’t ALL animals supposed to stay outside and munch all night long.

Bright Blessings!

So I found my camera – I had left it at Avalon – Of course, along with my books, sweatshirt and R’s shoes.  We kind of rushed out of there without checking for things several times.  J was not feeling well and gradually feeling yucky-er by the minute – so we left in a hurry to come home. Nothing big – just a cold – you know how you feel OKAY in the morning and then you’re dragging by dinner time?  Well – that was J.  Felt good enough in the morning  to go to the barn, wanted to have her riding  lesson, but by 5:30 – she was done!  Came home and  relaxed on the couch.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at home – R caught up with her school work. We’d been waiting for the science book we needed to arrive at the library. J did some school work – science – but I didn’t push the rest. She needed a down day.  So instead we made Play-doh!

We used a recipe I found on Instructables.  We definitely did not cook it long enough! and it came out sticky, sticky, sticky!

Cooking the doh.

Letting it cool and adding the blue food coloring. Really – that’s all we had and I only buy it for crafts.

Blue doh – Yes that is a winter table cloth!  It’s now our craft table cloth since it has several holes in it.  Covers my table and keeps it nice-ish..

Practicing Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs.

And J beating the rug.  We have a rug beater which she used. Totally fun to watch!

Today we’re having school –  I think we’re skipping dance this evening since J is still feeling punky – poor girl. She gets colds quicker than the rest of us it seems – I attribute it to her being such a micro preemie when she was born. 13 weeks early.   Maybe I’ll go to the fabric/craft store – I want to get clay to make “real” cuneiform tablets and some fabric to make J a dress.  I’ll show you the pattern next week!  It’s a vintage girls dress – I found it at an antique/thrift shop here  locally.  I can’t wait to get sewing!~

More on the owl next week!

Bright Blessings –

So I’ve been busy here working on a couple of different projects. AND we started school last week – which has been keeping us busy, busy 🙂

I’ve been busy bringing Olivia to life…

Here she is all pinned together – and I’ve hand stitched the wings on.

Here she is – eyes on, buttons on, beak on and I’ve started sewing her front and back together!  I should be done in a day or so. Then I can stuff her and plan my toy drop!

Other things we’ve been doing this week –

School work – here she’s copying a poem called “The Caterpillar” – – narration and copy work are part of her home school lessons.

Working on ribbons for this group:

Which I’m actually a member of but have not been able to do anything with for the past year due to work.  Maybe that will be able to change now that I’ll be home again!

Last but not least – I found a really cool blender at our local thrift store – It has a glass! blender jar!

Please, please, please, please  – ignore the mess in the background!  I was in a rush 🙂

School and park days with our homeschooling group today!

Bright Blessings.

Well – it’s Monday again and another uneventful weekend has passed us buy.

We did nothing of sustenance over the weekend. Saturdays I work  and Sunday my 13 year old and I went shopping for bras and then art supplies and groceries.

Monday bring to us – working at the barn and working at the Library.  This week we’re also planning a trip to the St. Louis Zoo.  They have stingrays and sharks that you can pet !  I also have a hair appointment for myself for a change.  I have curly hair and usually just use the hair dresser my girls use.  Well – She either wets it or just combs it out and then cuts it.  Apparently you’re not supposed to do that with curly hair.  Who woulda known?  So I go for my very first curly hair specialist hair cut.  I’m so excited!

School for the  girls will start the first week of September.  I’ve ordered and received most of their school books.  Science for both – Biology for J and Chemistry for R.   Algebra, fractions, decimals, and geometry for R. Addition and Subtraction for J.

History will be “living history books”.. Books about real people – like diaries.  Spelling for both. Grammar, handwriting etc..   I am very excited about school starting for us. The girls not so much. But who is ever excited about school – even if you’re home schooled?    We’re also incorporating Irish dance lessons, riding lessons, Pony Club  and home-school classes with the co-op.   Not to mention play groups!  And J still wants to take piano lessons!  And art!  We love art and I’ve ordered some supplies through here :

We haven’t received them yet but they’re on their way!  Can’t wait.

We’re going to use Rip the Pages by Karen Benke and also  Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Kim Solga this year.

Wow –  I always worry that we’re not doing enough – to see it all written down – me thinks we might be doing too much!  We’ll see though. It always seems to work.

I have no new pictures so I leave you a picture of my oldest Rowan, on our girls only trip to Kansas City.  At the zoo Lorikeet feeding one of them decided to sit on her head!

Bright Blessings!