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I cannot believe that tomorrow is May 1. That means in 14 short, short days my biggest will be leaving for London with a home school group for 2 full weeks.  Am I worried – yes. Am I scared -yes.  Is the world full of unknowns? Definitely.  Am I “pushing” her to take this trip. Yes. At some point in time you just cannot let fear and uncertainty control your life. And I’m not letting that fear of the unknown let her change her mind.  Row is a total introvert and shy to boot and I’ve never made her get out there to challenge that. Maybe I should have. But being a shy, introvert myself…… So I know that she wants to go to London and she’s voiced that opinion many, many times over the year (s) , so I’m “pushing” her to go because I know she wants to. I also know she’s the type of person to not do something because she’s worried of going out of her comfort zone.  I know the group is safe and the teacher has taken groups several times before – once to Japan!  I don’t want her to miss this opportunity and then in 6 weeks, 6 months or next year say ” I wish I would have gone…”. I wish I had had this chance when I was her age.

I think those 2 weeks in Great Britain will change my baby – help her to grow her self confidence, her personality.  I think she will learn, grow, explore and come back maybe knowing more of who she is.  I know it’s just a short trip to London, but it’s the longest she’s been away from us – and we from her – and it’s also by far the farthest she’s ever been!

It’s an adventure and I am so super proud of her for taking this leap.

Bright Blessings

(Sorry for the lack of pictures – I can get the pictures from the camera to the computer but then it keeps telling me there’s an error when I try to get them onto the blog)








Since Jaia is now into all things Irish Dance, and we’ve spent the money on the beginner outfit and wig and shoes and socks, I thought the dress needed to be protected.


Beginner dance outfit for J’s school. Ignore the air vent! I don’t have a good place to take pics 🙂  BUT rather than buy a garment bag, I decided to give a go at making one.


I used a hanger as reference for the shoulder area and I measured the length of the shirt.

I double checked the pattern I made with the shirt to make sure it would all fit. I actually adjusted the slope of the shoulder after I did this so that it did not slope as much.

After I got the pattern pieces together – the bag itself came together fairly quickly.

Cutting out the bag pieces and the pocket pieces.

Adding the zipper and the pockets to the front

Sewing the front and back together. Wow – sorry – I didn’t realize just how blurry this picture was!

and Taa-daa! I didn’t turn out to bad:) I’m pleased with my first attempt – and my first attempt with making my own pattern for it also!

Here it is with the outfit inside – so you can see how it all worked out.

Now I think I’ll make a matching “emergency kit pouch” like I did for the Equestrians. I have a ton of this material left over!  I also need to figure out how to transport this wig….

Today is barn day! and we’re finally in the double digits here in the midwest – no more triple index for us for a while. AND we had rain for the second weekend in a row! So absolutely wonderful to wake up to thunder and rain.

Bright Blessings!

Since the girls have come home from their friends, we’ve not accomplished a whole lot of anything!  We went to see the show Cavalia – Fantastic! and if you ever have a chance to go – GO!

That was Tuesday night – Wednesday  – back to the barn and Thursday we did some science experiments – Gotta get back into the swing of school !

Rowan made her own candle wick from fabric scraps.

Then she lit it on fire!

She then made some bubbling brown, green goo that bubbled over the test tube.

And that was about it. Totally laid back morning. We did hit the thrift store after school  – the girls are in serious need of summer clothes and off to Avalon for  a Pony Club study group.  Really we needed to have a laid back, not so crazy day.

What is your weekend shaping up to hold?  I hope to get some seeds planted in our raised bed garden!

I’m going to plant a lot of herbs this year I think!

Bright Blessings

Yesterday we ran a lot of errands.  Tons. Well, we had to go to 3 stores, but to a teenager who only wants to read and an 8 year old, that was three too many.  But I did include lunch!

Our last stop of the day was a home schooling art class that our library holds once a month. They did sand art – something about how the Native Americans used sand painting in their ceremonies.  Which, I don’t think, was really explained to the kids. I know J just knows they did sand art. Anyway, pet peeve aside …  She had fun and made 2 cute hanging pictures.

First she sketched out the picture. A horse of course.

Then they put glue in each section – spread it with a pain brush and added colored sand.

It turned out really cute!

This is what my 13 year old does during sand art class. She could have participated, but no – She read. Funny girl.

I always enjoy sitting and watching parents as their children are participating in a class. Some sit on the sidelines and read or play with their phones.  Some hoover and offer advice. Some do everything for their kids – pour the glue – sprinkle the sand – the child just points and nods.  I sat with J and answered questions, offered advice when I thought she needed it. Usually I try to let them figure things out on their own. Sometimes I offer too much advice.  Sometimes I need to be the voice of reason.   – no those colors don’t really work together or no we cannot buy every strand of beads you want,  no – you really cannot use 10 pieces of water color paper just to scribble! or even  – those beads, fabric, etc will just not WORK together  –    yes some things just won’t work out or fit together or even “go” together.  Sometimes I need to step back and enjoy.

Bright Blessings

So I found my camera – I had left it at Avalon – Of course, along with my books, sweatshirt and R’s shoes.  We kind of rushed out of there without checking for things several times.  J was not feeling well and gradually feeling yucky-er by the minute – so we left in a hurry to come home. Nothing big – just a cold – you know how you feel OKAY in the morning and then you’re dragging by dinner time?  Well – that was J.  Felt good enough in the morning  to go to the barn, wanted to have her riding  lesson, but by 5:30 – she was done!  Came home and  relaxed on the couch.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at home – R caught up with her school work. We’d been waiting for the science book we needed to arrive at the library. J did some school work – science – but I didn’t push the rest. She needed a down day.  So instead we made Play-doh!

We used a recipe I found on Instructables.  We definitely did not cook it long enough! and it came out sticky, sticky, sticky!

Cooking the doh.

Letting it cool and adding the blue food coloring. Really – that’s all we had and I only buy it for crafts.

Blue doh – Yes that is a winter table cloth!  It’s now our craft table cloth since it has several holes in it.  Covers my table and keeps it nice-ish..

Practicing Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs.

And J beating the rug.  We have a rug beater which she used. Totally fun to watch!

Today we’re having school –  I think we’re skipping dance this evening since J is still feeling punky – poor girl. She gets colds quicker than the rest of us it seems – I attribute it to her being such a micro preemie when she was born. 13 weeks early.   Maybe I’ll go to the fabric/craft store – I want to get clay to make “real” cuneiform tablets and some fabric to make J a dress.  I’ll show you the pattern next week!  It’s a vintage girls dress – I found it at an antique/thrift shop here  locally.  I can’t wait to get sewing!~

More on the owl next week!

Bright Blessings –

Well – now that camps are over I hope to get back into the swing of things and sew, bake , craft and start school.

These past weeks were spent relaxing. A much needed break.  We did a lot of nothing. We went to 6 Flags.  Advanced Camp for R.  And nothing.  Did I say that already?  We really needed it!  School for us will start the first week in September. We’ve ordered our supplies, science, spelling, math etc.. and bought our notebooks.   I can’t wait 🙂  I think I’m more excited than the girls!  Our goal for J this year is reading.  She’s having a slightly harder time picking it up than R. did.  I really contribute that to her premature birth.  But we’re working with it and not making a huge deal of it. I know that it will come in time.  We’re using a mixture of Phonics Pathways – worksheets, because J likes them, and just reading from easy readers.  Slowly but surely I see things connect in her head.

Last week J wanted to do an “experiment” – with flour, water and food coloring.  Go for it I said.  I try to keep a bag of “cheepie” flour around for making play doh and mixing..  I keep the better, unbleached flour for baking.


After she mixed and mixed, J spread it out on a piece of foil and stuck it in the sun..  I’m not quite sure what happened to it after that but later that night I found it in her trash can in her bedroom – yuck!  But it’s all about the activity – is it not?  She had a blast mixing and adding food coloring (which I keep on had for crafts, I never put it in my food).

Looks like someone used my camera to take pictures of their Play Mobile set up ..

I’m usually an anti-plastic person. We got rid of all the plastic play food and large noisy toys when the girls were younger.  We have wooden barns and castles, kitchen sets and food.  But play mobile I couldn’t say NO to.. they’re just too open ended.  So many ways to play and the imagination they use when they play with them. Hard to say no to that.
And last …………


R on Jonah during the last day of Advanced Camp “show”.. She learned how to jump this week.  Two feet!  Way to keep her momma on her toes!


Bright blessings – Have a great day!