We are back from our weekend in Colorado and with a days rest to recover from our quick journey, we are ready to bounce back into normal routine. And normal it is! Private dance lessons, riding lessons, barn day, classes and recital practices are all squeezed into the next 4 days.

Our trip was wonderful and too short. Friday we hit Pearl mall and shopped for a bit – I didn’t take too many pictures on Friday, I was concentrating on enjoying the day with my family –

trip ot colorado 008Pearl street was really just a lot of shops – but I love the way it’s a pedestrian only street.  They have the best apothecary shop just off pearl street so I will show you what we grabbed while we were there in another post.

trip ot colorado 007

Trying on fun hats…

This was more of a visiting with friends weekend – we’ll go back when we have more time to do more of the attractions. Friday afternoon we chilled in the hotel rooms for a bit, met some friends for some awesome pizza and salads, hit the Tattered Cover bookstore –

trip ot colorado 011

Best bookstore ever  – huge, roomy, fantastic children’s area (bookstores draw us in – I think we hit 3 that day).

trip ot colorado 012

Lounging –

Saturday we had some wonderful crepes and fruit compotes with the same family and my husband spent several hours training and talking martial arts.

We decided to have a leisurely drive through the mountains since we needed to be in Cheyenne WY by 5 Saturday afternoon. I have tons of mountain pictures on my camera camera –

trip ot colorado 025

We spent Saturday night with my husband’s Dad and wife. We had a wonderful dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, bread etc.. … The whole family was there – It was a great experience and totally worth the very short trip to Colorado. Jaia met her grandpa for only the second time ever (she was just a baby the first time) and we just enjoyed ourselves a great deal. There’s talk of another trip in July.

We headed back to the airport Sunday after breakfast and more chatting. It was good for my husband and his dad to see each other.

Tomorrow I need to tell you about the fantastic restaurant at the airport – we sat and had lunch before the very long journey back home.

Bright Blessings –