Millet Crispy treats. That’s what we made yesterday.

Row has been wanting to make rice crispy treats for a while now but we rarely, if ever, buy rice crispies and marshmallows are not a staple in this house either. I had purchased a bag of mallows, though, for our bonfire/smore’s night, and by yesterday we only had a handful left. (methinks children were eating them out of the pantry!). We bought some millet cereal the previous week to try out for breakfasts and  we only had just over  1 cup of the  cereal left also – so I decided to toss them together to see what millet crispies were like!

pictures from phone April 2014 012

I used these millet puffs from whole food.

pictures from phone April 2014 013

Melted about a tablespoon of butter and all the marshmallows I had.

pictures from phone April 2014 016

I added some vanilla and melted all into a big, very unappetizing looking mess of marshmallow goo.

pictures from phone April 2014 014

I think in total I added 1 cup of millet puffs to the amount of marshmallows I had. I had to hurry and press them into the parchment lined pan with a spatula that I wet so the cream wouldn’t stick.

pictures from phone April 2014 017Millet crispies. Everyone in my family really enjoyed these! I was surprised – they ended up chewier than their rice crispie counterparts (it’s a softer cereal anyway)  and with a nuttier taste but we all enjoyed them very much. They didn’t last too long and with in a few hours my small batch was gone.

Next time I will try them with chia seeds – or cinnamon and sugar – or peanut butter? Who knows! They’ve been requested again so now I just need to fine better marshmallows – or make my own 😉

Bright Blessings!