We had a fantastic weekend here at our household. My baby turned 11

april pictures 2014 iphone, birthday, etc 013

And my Biggest turned 16!

april pictures 2014 iphone, birthday, etc 049

We had a wonderful family party here on Saturday. Brats, coleslaw, chips and fruit were served all per request of the 11  year old. Row requested spinach artichoke dip and costco was nice enough to provide that for us as well 🙂  I have quite a few wonderful pictures on my actual camera but the cord has gone missing after Jaia carried it upstairs  – There will be a missing cord search today! Hopefully we’ll find it so I can post some of those pictures this week.

The girls got some really nice things. Rowan got a “reading is my superpower” mug and Jaia got a “breyer” barn that my dad recreated from some pictures I had sent him of a vintage barn found in a thrift shop.

april pictures 2014 iphone, birthday, etc 030The barn is soooo cool! He hand painted the wood detail and the brick detail. Sorry for the crappy pic! He made the ladder from toothpicks and the feeders are pvc pipe. He is the coolest grandpa/dad I know!

Sunday we went to Comic Con/Wizard Con where Rowan wanted to go to specifically see Nathan Filllian- the actor who plays Castle. I wanted to go see Nathan Fillian because 2 other Firefly Crew were going to be there  – Adam and Alan – so fantastic!

april pictures 2014 iphone, birthday, etc 047

We waited 2 hours through two Dr Who panels but it was totally worth the wait. We laughed from the moment these guys walked out on stage.  It was awesome  – I could have sat there for hours watching and laughing! I hope Row enjoyed it.

I finally broke down and texted Row’s riding instructor. For the past couple of weeks Row has refused to go  and has said the disappointment and frustration has been building up.  I feel bad that it’s taken me this long but I finally realized. The trainer’s response? “maybe it’s for the best” and “maybe ………………………………….. can help?”  Maybe I guess Row made the right decision. I was leery up until this response, but in my mind this is telling me that Rowan’s riding was not priority for this instructor. There was no concern voiced, no questions as to how she can help.  She was just teaching Row, not to help her learn more, ride better or gain confidence, but just because.  Nothing was invested in Rowan’s riding skills. Rowan has riding ability and maybe, maybe, trainer it wasn’t Row’s skills (or maybe you think lack there-of)  that were causing the issues but maybe, just maybe, it was teaching style. What works for one doesn’t work for all and as a home schooler I should have seen that long ago.

Such is life and I hope that once we get trainers in place Row’s riding skills can blossom to the fullest extent. I have seen others that have left this trainer and bloomed. I hope it’s the same for my biggest.

Bright Blessings