It’s been raining pretty steadily here for the last day or so, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up today. But that is okay with me – I actually love a good thunderstorm –  really. I am extremely grateful that it’s rain we are receiving this week and not snow! We were up this morning at the crack of dawn to the tune of tornado sirens screaming in the distance.  If you’ve never heard on before, they are simply LOUD sirens meant to warn you that a tornado is possible or one has been spotted . Basically – get to your basement NOW type of scenario – We’ve gone through the routine enough that the girls now get up without question and head to the basement. My husband usually heads to get Jaia, we used to have to carry her down the steps, and I grab Rowan. Row was already up and moving, grabbing her blankets and pillows. Luckily we still have the old futon couch I refuse to get rid of, so the mattress was tossed on the floor and the girls made them selves comfortable.  We weren’t down there for long though before the alert was cancelled and everyone headed back to bed to see if they could catch a few minutes more rest before the day starts. Jaia is still asleep as I type this at 8:00 –

It’s been a pretty laid back week here – thankfully  – sometimes we need that break. This weekend my girlies turn 11 and 16! A fact I cannot seem to wrap my head around – I think I tell everyone – Rowan is going to be 16!!!!!!!!!!! Throws me for  loop each and every time –  We are having a “family” party Saturday;  Sunday we are taking Row to Wizard Con to see “Castle” her favorite tv show/ actor. And next weekend I think the girls are having friends over.  Rowan is super excited about going to see castle and now that she’s 16, she can get her upper ear pierced – well being 16 and having a passport helps –

Some random pictures from this week so far :


Jaia gets the biggest kick out of pretending to go to school. (I know- Right?) So here she is making her lunch to take with her –


Doing “homework” at the kitchen table – Seriously – she gives herself homework.


Working on trying to figure out how to make her “pouffe” for the irish dancing wig. See the wig there?  This is the bane of every irish dancer in the world!

I FINALLY got around to opening up my sewing machine and cleaning out the guts –


There was a ton so smegma from sewing all those horse blankets and stall guards. As much as I like helping people out with repairs I think I need to nix them – It’s killing my machine and I don’t have the funds to buy a heavy duty one that could take the beating. Just an FYI – pants hemming OKAY 🙂 Horse blanket repair not okay –

And last but not least this week – this dinner got a blessing from the dinner pope (my husband)


Chopped salad night – I had bacon, chicken, feta, cucumber, tomatoes, yellow peppers, sprouts and your choice of salad dressings all ready on the table . We could top the salad with our favorite toppings and dressings. I had added some gluten free bread for me and some naan for those that eat gluten and dinner was complete and a success!

DSCN3213Dinner – And it was delicious  .

Rowan is supposed to have a riding lesson tonight but I guess we’ll see how it works since there are more severe weather warnings for later this evening…

Bright Blessings!