We had  lovely calm quiet week here in our small house hold.  Barn day passed with out hitch. A trip to the vet for the dog was no problem at all. Normal stuff – shots since he needs to be boarded when we travel. Plans to visit Colorado are solidified.  Realizing we only have about 8 weeks until the end of school has me counting chapters and units in lesson plans so I know exactly how to plan out those days. The weather is finally warming up enough I don’t have to wear warmers and wool gloves each and every time I leave this house. Whew – this was a harsh winter and one I hope not to repeat.

The variety show has passed and Jaia did a fabulous job – I am so super proud of her for just getting on that stage in front of hundreds of people and dancing 2 soft shoe pieces.

March 31 pictures from i phone 012

The picture is fuzzy. I couldn’t get Rowan to go get a better pic. Rather than jumping up and taking lots of pictures or videos, I chose to sit and enjoy. I wanted to view her performance NOT through the camera this time, but rather just watching.  She did great.

Saturday we had a friends party here at our house. Their house is rather small so I volunteered our place.  It went off with out a hitch and I hope they enjoyed it  –

Sunday there was a “show” at our barn. Rowan didn’t compete but we went to help since it was a Pony Club sponsored show – Rows favorite trainer was going to be there judging so we sat with her for most of the day.

March 31 pictures from i phone 015

Row announced and called for one round of the show. She did wonderful and did something I couldn’t do – Announce and have people HEAR her 🙂

Her passport came in the mail Saturday and the trip to London is looming closer and closer for her. I think she’s struggling with this quite a bit. She really, really wants to go to London, but the shy, quiet, introvert in her is trying very hard to talk her out of it.  I am trying my hardest not to let that happen. She is a wonderful, brilliant girl who is letting too much of her fears dictate her life. She’s become too complacent and I’m trying to kick her in the pants a bit.  I think she’ll have a fabulous time and this trip will cause amazing growth for her.

Some tough decisions have been made about riding lessons at our barn – She is discontinuing lessons with the current trainer there. She really wants to concentrate on Dressage  and while the trainer IS doing dressage she’s an eventer NOT a “dressage rider” – I’m told there’s a difference – A BIG ONE and I need to recognize that and move Row forward. It’s kind of like learning knitting from a teacher who sews, crochets and knits but loves sewing most of all and puts all of her time and energy into sewing and never, never practices knitting. An afterthought type of thing.  It was a much tougher decision for me to come to since I hate to cause issues or ruffle feathers, but I needed to recognize that those lessons are not working for Rowan at all and in order for her to grow as a person and as a rider, changes needed and need to be made. All well. Such is life.

Bright Blessings