Yesterday I made not just 1, but 2 small zipper pouches!


I really like how these turned out! My sister gave me this small piece of vintage? fabric  and I paired that with 2 “vintage” zippers – and voila!  So quick, so simple! (I hunt for bags of zippers/buttons and fabric when I hit thrift stores or junk shoppes!)  Now do I use them or create a small stash to open an etsy store with??? Or hoard them for personal use??? Just exactly HOW many small zippered pouches can one have??  HMMM —

I did  discover though, that my machine is not up to snuff – it really doesn’t like all the heavy duty repairs for people I’ve done in the past couple of months. And no it’s not the pants cuff repair! It’s the horse blanket/stall guard repairs that the machine is not liking!  I need to give it a good cleaning and hope that works – get the barn dirt out –


With the end of the zipper I made a zipper head band!


Rowan worked on British History


Jaia worked on learning division –


With a little help from our dog – He’s cute isn’t he? (hates people though he does)

Today is barn day – Barn days are getting rough – Camps are coming up soon – at the end of May – and neither one of my girls wants to help anymore. It’s just hard work and not enough pay really. And hot – really hot. Ah well. This may very well be the last year of camps for us…

Bright Blessings!