This week has been deemed “electronic free week ” by me 🙂 I have two girls who very much like to be on their electronic devices of choice, whether a laptop, ipod, ipad, or Samsung tablet.  Row reads fan fiction and browses “I heart this” for hours on end. Jaia watches American Girl videos.  I admit that I too, get sucked in to being on the computer. Craftzine, Pinterest, Facebook, – they all suck me in – But Pinterest is GOOD right?? I have GOT to figure out how to put a pin it button on this blog !

So this week we are taking a time out from most of it. I usually will give each of us an hour or so in the morning – maybe two depending on what I need to accomplish on the internet. This allows the girls and I to watch our videos, read, check email, blog and do our various what nots online. Then they need to go off.  TV is okay because we don’t sit around and watch tv constantly and it has to be okay’d by me – tv is not the issue. It’s those devices that can get carried around and taken into bedrooms where the door is closed !

The only exception during the day this week is really if I need to send an important email or print something up for school. Hopefully this break will get me out of my crafting funk and push me to sew! I’d like to hit my stash of vintage fabrics and make some cool zippered pouches to sell or make my body lotion bar or bath salts.


phone pics March 2014  parade dance 074

Jaia and I did dig into the crafting supplies yesterday – She’s been trying to talk me into buying a washer necklace kit – but! I have all the supplies at the ready at home so I was unwilling to spend money on unnecessary items. Last week, when I was prepping for my “recycled art” homeschooling class, I hit the local teacher recycle center. I found these small metal round disks – samples of some sort – maybe 1 1/2 in in diameter – perfect for our necklace making.  NOT really washers but hey – they will work!

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 083phone pics March 2014  parade dance 077

I dug out cute paper and mod podge dimensional magic glue – and we got to work.

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 072

We cut –


phone pics March 2014  parade dance 071Glued with normal craft glue –

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 080And then layered on the Dimensional magic –

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 078

So far these are turning out very cute! They need to sit and cure for 24 hours and then I can touch them again. Mine I will make into a pin and I’m not sure what Jaia will make.

This evening Jaia has practice for the variety show on Thursday – But the day is calm and quite.

Bright Blessings!