Wow – time does fly! It’s been weeks since my last posting and we’ve been so crazy busy – We did end up having an impromptu school break last week simply because I was never at home! Most of it has been dance shows, but classes and a trip to the Magic House got in the way also –

This week is spring break “for real”. The classes that Row and J are taking are on break – so this week will be so much more relaxed. Jaia will be performing in a Home School Variety Show on Thursday, which she is very much looking forward to – but other than that (and our own school work) we are good to go! Everyone once in a while it’s good for the mind and body to have a week where nothing is going on –

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 030

Waiting for the parade to start! It was, as usual, fantastic. Weather was perfect. Sun was gorgeous and warm (got a bit of a sunburn!). We started off the morning with a cheer corner for the runners, a dance portion after, the parade 3rd in the line and rounded off the evening with a wonderful evening with our dance friends partying and dancing the night away. Well until 7:00 that is. I was beat.

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 041

Monday was JA Biztown – which Jaia absolutely loved! She was the CFO and got to write all the payroll checks and pay the bills. HEY! I could TOTALLY do that job. That’s is what I do at home! LOL! Think I’d convince a corporation to  hire me based on that experience?

I have to say that I was very impressed by my tween. She got right in there, opened her book, read what she had to do and got started. She did a wonderful job. As CFO, she “made”  $8.50 and then got to spend that at various shops in the “neighborhood”.

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 044

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 040

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 048

J and her Debit card she got for JA Biztown.  She’s already asked if she can go back next year –

phone pics March 2014  parade dance 057

And blowing bubbles at the magic house. While we were there, someone had misplaced their cell phone. We found it just sitting on a ledge and Jaia ran it down to the front desk. She arrived just as the owner was coming to ask if someone had turned in the phone!  The owner was so thankful that she bought Jaia another pass to the magic house. She even hunted Jaia down to give it to her. What a great day! It was such a wonderful and not at all expected gesture.

Hope the weather is warming up in your neck of the woods! Sunny but cool here – (at least it’s not freezing)

Bright Blessings