Ahh – did everyone enjoy the  extra hour of sun last night? If you spring forward that is.  I absolutely loved it. It was wonderful to still see the sun at 6:00! However- waking up this morning in utter darkness? Not so much fun and I so wanted to turn over and go back to sleep! Ah well – I will grow accustomed! That and it’s Monday and my husband literally just called our first “no school day” because of the 70 degree weather! HA – the joys of homeschooling 🙂 Skip the snow days have a spring day!  Maybe we’ll get some yard work done!

Last week we had a wonderful, back to normal week. Dance was normal, Pony Club was normal -meaning no quiz practice – no feisianna – no nothing. My husband and I had our date day Saturday and went out for pizza and salads. Sunday jaia did have an extra show practice, for any dancer who may be in an extra performance this year.  Jaia DID have a performance at our local Magic House and the kids did an amazing job 🙂


J in her old wig. Funny – after dealing with the black wig and the hair spray color and all that hassle – I actually LIKE  the black wig. I love the way she looks in it!

DSCN3130I woke up to this sign on Saturday. Jaia was working on cleaning her room so she could have a friend over to play – last minute weekend play dates are soooo hard to arrange –



Jaia and I worked on a few small sewing projects. I used the last of my I love ID fabric to make 2 draw string pouched and Jaia decided to try her hand at a skirt for one of her AG dolls.

Rowan worked on catching up with her school work – She needs to be caught up if she really wants to go on the trip to London! I’m pushing her! I don’t want her to miss this opportunity and then look back in 5, 10 years and say – “I really wish I would have…..” I was never giving this opportunity and really, my parents could not have afforded it if I HAD had the chance – so I’m being a bit pushy with this.

This week looks like it might be a fairly laid back week as well. We’ll see. I signed Jaia up for this JR. Biz program and now really I’m just not wanting to do it!  Call it lazy what ever – but oh well. We need to break out the book and see what’s up. We have one week to get the work done.

There is another performance on Thursday. Rowan is opting not to go to the Pony Club meeting with the Farrier – So that means I can get J to the performance with no shuffling –

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings!