Well Rowan and I made the trek to Kansas City this past weekend amid predictions of snow – lots of snow. I think it pretty much was anywhere between 1 and 20 inches of snow (at least that what it sure seamed liked).  Friday’s stretch was long and boring and pretty much uneventful. We got to KC with plenty of time to spare and at 8 joined with the rest of the crew for the opening meeting. Knowing that crappy weather was on it’s way, the order of the day was fun and safety. The organizers  had even go so far as to move the barn phase to the hotel. Plastic horse and all…

quiz 008(8:00 meeting)

Saturday dawned cloudy and cold but no snow or sleet coming down yet. Everyone watching the weather forecasts on phones and tablets.  With various reports bouncing around – snow starting at noon, snow now starting at 2 etc…. we started the day. I do have to say that “my” team was doing fantastic throughout the day!

quiz 014

quiz 015

Our pony club group is in charge of running the stations room. So I got to sneak a couple of pics of “my team” working together. This year they had 4 on a team which means for any portion of quiz they will drop the lowest of the 4’s score.

The snow started coming down very lightly maybe at 3/3:30 and I think by 4 they had decided to call quiz, finish the last portion after a brief meeting at 5 and let everyone either hit the road or stay.  Rowan made the difficult decision to skip the last portion all together event though she wouldn’t qualify for champs again, and we headed home by 5:30.  Her decision could have disqualified her entire team (but really 2 of us were heading home) they needed 3 to be in quiz, but her other two teammates were supportive so off we went. The organizers I guess realized and did not disqualify the team after all. I really would have had some strong words I think because the potential for a huge storm and then being stranded in KC was pretty great. We made the decision best for us.  (they did end up taking third place though!)

A normal 4 hour drive for us took 6 hours that night to get home. Road conditions were less than lovely and it was icing all the way home. I swear after a certain point I saw no less that 10 cars off the road.

The rest of our group stayed Saturday night and headed home Sunday as a caravan. Snow did not reach predicted levels after all so they were slow and steady coming home. All arrived home safely!  Next year if there is snow predicted I hope they just postpone the whole thing !

All in all it really was a very good weekend. Rowan was the captain, which meant that after each round she was in charge of signing off on the written tests and then if they had to argue an answer she was the one who did the arguing. Very, very good for her.

Next years quiz these 4 want to be on the same team again-

It was a very good weekend.

Bright Blessings